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If you need thorough cleaning that will help to remove all persistent contamination, call our company and order cleaning services Long Island! Our employees arrive at the appointed time with everything necessary and start cleaning. All you have to do is evaluate the result after the work is done.

So, what do we include in the cleaning services?


– we clean the stove

– we take out the garbage

– we wash the floor

 – also, our employees wash dishes

 – we wipe the surfaces of tables 

– we wash the facades of kitchen sets



– we clean all glass surfaces and mirrors

 – our cleaners wipe out all light objects and also clean under it (statuettes, photo frames, etc.)

– we make the bed

–  wipe out the plinth

– we vacuum and wash the floor

– The employees of our company vacuum and wash under the bed



– we wash and rub all the surfaces 

 – our cleaners disinfect the toilet

 – we wash the bath

 – also we vacuum and wash the floor

– our workers wash the sink and under it

 – we wash the tiles



 – we wipe the front door 

– we make up shoes

 – we also wash the shoe shelf

–  we vacuum and wash the floor

 If you are not familiar with our service yet, it is better to start with ordering our cleaning services Long Island. Cleaning services Long Island are complex and cover all major areas of pollution. It is considered to be basic cleaning service.  If you have cleaning services Long Island done plus some additional services, then you will have general cleaning as a result.

 In every room, as standard, we always wipe all available surfaces, vacuum and clean the floor.  

 In the bedroom, we make the bed, wipe down open surfaces, batteries, sockets, switches.  Also, we can wipe down all appliances and polish all mirrors. Completing cleaning services Long Island in the living room take approximately 1 hour.

 In the kitchen, we wash the kitchen apron and the stove from grease, wipe down the table top and all the furniture from the facades.  Also, we will wash the hood and take out the trash. It takes about 1 hour to clean the kitchen, maybe a little bit more if there is heavy pollution.

 In the bathroom we will clean the tiles from stains. Also, our cleaners wash the sink, bath and toilet. We polish the mirrors and dust all surfaces. If you have a shower instead of a bathroom, we wash the walls and the tray.  

Cleaning services Long Island of the bathroom take about 40-60 minutes.

 In the living room or corridor, we wipe the door frame, wash the shoe shelf and put the shoes there. It takes approximately 30 minutes to clean it.

 So, cleaning services for one-room apartment will take 3-3,5 hours, for 2 rooms – 4-4.5 hours and for 3-room apartment it will take 6-7 hours.

 After performing cleaning services Long Island, our workers leave the ideal cleanliness.

 So, do not hesitate to call our company and order cleaning services!


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Great experience with Sunlight Cleaning Service. They were wonderful in understanding my needs. Thanks so much for the cleaning help.


We have been using Sunlight Cleaning Service for a few years now and we love the service. Out cleaning lady, Oksana has been particularly amazing with our office cleaning. She’s quick and keeps our office very tidy! Love the service we received so far here with Sunlight Cleaning.


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