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We perform Office cleaning Long Island to provide you with comfort in the workplace. You like your work but you have some troubles with dirt and garbage in your office at the same time, haven’t you?  Now you do not have to worry about anything. Our experts in cleaning services Long Island will help you. You can be busy with your favorite work, and we will provide cleanliness to your office. Order Office cleaning Long Island from our cleaning professionals and you can forget about any problem in your office space.

 In order to maintain perfect cleanliness in your office, you should do the cleaning at least once a week. Our professionals in cleaning services Long Island will help you save money and they are always ready to do everything for you. We use only the latest detergents and effective cleaning equipment. Our employees will clear the office from any kind of pollution. Our Office cleaning Long Island gives you the freedom to arrange everything perfectly in your office and to adapt cleaning to your schedule and individual needs. We appreciate the diversity of needs of our customers. 


Let’s review the list of our Office cleaning Long Island advantages: 

  • Office Cleaning Long Island of high quality as well as cleaning of the adjoining premises
  • professional cleaning supply that includes special equipment, detergents, inventory, disinfectants, sanitary goods, etc.

 We can provide your office with:

 – liquid soap for washing hands, disposable towels, and electric dryers;

 – personal hygiene including toilet paper, disposable linen for toilet seats, 

 – we also have a special mud protection supply and anti-slip systems

 – qualitative hygiene and sanitary equipment;

 – refreshment of air in your office space;

 – easy cleaning of premises and garbage removal 

 – comfort in smoking areas equipped with our ashtrays, as well as electronic air fresheners using variable cartridges 

 – protection against street muds with the help of mud protection systems.

Our company performs office cleaning Long Island for your successful and enjoyable work in your office.



What do we include in our office cleaning services Long Island?

 – we will wipe out furniture, office equipment and window sills from dust and polish everything with special detergents

– polish of the mirror and other glass surfaces to the brilliance and incredible transparency   

– clean decorative elements of non-ferrous metals

–  wash the floor perfectly

 – we will clear upholstered furniture and chairs (vacuum treatment, stain removal, dry or wet cleaning)

 – we will carry out chemical cleaning of carpets and other surfaces

– our professionals in Office cleaning Long Island will remove various spots and pollution.

 – we will clear the blinds

 – our cleaners will remove the dust from the ventilation system

 – we will wash the ceiling and walls

 – our cleaners will remove garbage and also disinfect the garbage baskets

  – we clean and disinfect tiled walls, toilets, sinks, bidets, etc.

We carry out office cleaning Long Island both on a permanent basis and like one-time service. Cleaning services Long Island include a wide diversity of cleaning works that keep the office premises clean. Our cleaning company will bring order to the office and we will do everything accurately and qualitatively. Choose Office cleaning Long Island and you will not regret!

Rely on Sunlight Cleaning company

Why can you rely on Sunlight Cleaning company? Because we have numerous advantages in comparison with other companies and individual cleaners:

office cleaning long island checked our cleaners are professional & experienced

office cleaning long island checked the workers of our company are very punctual, they always arrive on time

office cleaning long island checked we can develop a personalized plan of cleaning for you

office cleaning long island checked we have affordable prices and there are no extra charges

office cleaning long island checked we use detergents and cleaning supplies of high quality

office cleaning long island checked we perform the cleaning works until everything is complete 100%

office cleaning long island checked our cleanings are fully insured and bonded

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