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 deep cleaning service long island office cleaning

Deep Cleaning

The deep cleaning services Long Island is a complex cleaning from A to Z. If you don’t use the regular cleaning systematically for some reasons, we recommend you to order this professional deep cleaning service from our Cleaning Services package in order to transform your apartments into a clean and tidy place.

office cleaning long island inlcude move in cleaning service

Move in/ Move out Cleaning

The move in / move out cleaning Long Island is special services that help to prepare apartments before you move into new accommodation. The previous tenant could leave the house in the dirt and unacceptable conditions in general, so it is necessary to clean it up properly from top to bottom. As a result, you will have a pleasant welcome to your cozy home.

home cleaning services Long Island

Home Cleaning Services

Home Cleaning Services in Long Island will help you to transform your home into a dream place. Our professional Long Island cleaners can develop a personalized plan of cleaning and then perform all range of cleaning works from dusting to vacuuming. Using our best house cleaning service will help you to maintain immaculate cleanliness in your home.

cleaning services brooklyn include Post Renovation Cleaning Service

Post Renovation Cleaning Service

Post Renovation Cleaning Service Long Island differs from the usual cleaning process. Tidying up after a renovation needs a special top-down approach in order to remove all dust and the residues of paint and construction materials. It will help to prevent you from possible allergic reactions. Our employees can quickly return your home into a livable condition, so you can enjoy it even more than before.

office cleaning long island include Post Construction Cleaning

Post Construction Cleaning Service

In order to perform Post Construction Cleaning, our professional cleaners use proper techniques and equipment. We will help you to tidy everything up after different construction projects, commercial or residential renovation, and restoration work. Our employees will provide fast and qualitative services and will help you to get rid of debris and demolition waste after construction.

 Office Cleaning Long Island Services

Office Cleaning Services

Office Cleaning Services Long Island includes performing a wide range of cleaning work like dusting, washing and wiping out of all reachable surfaces, disinfection and sanitizing of the bathrooms, and vacuuming of the carpets and floors. The professional cleaners of our cleaning company focus on all areas of your business and provide a comprehensive top-to-bottom commercial cleaning Long Island.

sunlight office cleaning Long Island maid

Why Sunlight Cleaning Services?

office cleaning long island checked we can guarantee you the high quality of cleaning works

office cleaning long island checked we always arrive on time

office cleaning long island checked we have no extra charges (we include supplies in price)

office cleaning long island checked we work until the job is complete

office cleaning long island checked we are always ready to answer any of your questions

office cleaning long island checked our cleanings are fully insured and bonded

Who We Are?

Sunlight Cleaning Services in Long Island is your helping hand that simplifies the process of finding a professional cleaner. Your productive work, healthy life and cozy space around you depend on the cleanliness at home or office. Sunlight Cleaning can break the stereotypes that cleaning services are a prerogative of high society exclusively. We want to show that not only the wealthiest individualities deserve a neat and tidy home and the best house cleaning in Brooklyn. So, our cleaning services available at an affordable price. Our mission is to provide cleaning services to a broader audience and make your apartment or home cleanest.

About Sunlight Cleaning Company

Sunlight Cleaning is representative of the best office cleaning services in Long Island, New York. Our professional cleaners have vast experience and use individual approach. That is why we receive only positive feedback from our clients.

We are eager to know what our clients want their office to look like, and we are always ready to provide them with immaculate cleanliness. Our employees also have a fresh look at the cleaning process and always try to make our clients satisfied 100 percent. This background helps us to be real professionals in this sphere.

Your workspace can be transformed into a dream place with our help. You do not need to be preoccupied with the hassle of cleaning anymore. 

How does it work?

sunlight office cleaning long island service booking process


Select the date and time you’d like your professional to show up. Do not hesitate to contact us. Our cleaning company is always ready to answer any of your questions.

sunlight cleaning services brooklyn maid


A certified cleaner comes over and cleans your place. Entrust the cleaning process to professional and be sure that the work will be perfectly performed.

sunlight office cleaning long island service relax after cleaning process


When you enter your Office after Office cleaning service was performed, you will be pleasantly surprised! And now just sit back and relax. Enjoy your sparkling home after!


We know inviting someone into your home is a bigdeal. All Sunlight cleaners are carefully checked out by our cleaning company so we choose the right person to care for your home.

We guarantee your Sunlight cleaner is always:

office cleaning long island service has Professional & Experienced maids

Professional & Experienced

office cleaning long island service has History & reference checked maids

History & reference checked

office cleaning long island service has Confident English speaking maids

Confident English speaking

office cleaning long island service has  Interviewed in person in our Sunlight Cleaning Company

Interviewed in person in our Cleaning Company

office cleaning long island service has Highly rated maids by other Sunlight Cleaning customers

Highly rated by other Sunlight Cleaning customers

Office Cleaning Long Island Services

We perform Office cleaning Long Island to provide you with comfort in the workplace. You like your work but you have some troubles with dirt and garbage in your office at the same time, haven’t you?  Now you do not have to worry about anything. Our experts in cleaning services Long Island will help you. You can be busy with your favorite work, and we will provide cleanliness to your office. Order Office cleaning Long Island from our cleaning professionals and you can forget about any problem in your office space.

 In order to maintain perfect cleanliness in your office, you should do the cleaning at least once a week. Our professionals in cleaning services Long Island will help you save money and they are always ready to do everything for you. We use only the latest detergents and effective cleaning equipment. Our employees will clear the office from any kind of pollution. Our Office cleaning Long Island gives you the freedom to arrange everything perfectly in your office and to adapt cleaning to your schedule and individual needs. We appreciate the diversity of needs of our customers. 


Let’s review the list of our Office cleaning Long Island advantages: 

  • Office Cleaning Long Island of high quality as well as cleaning of the adjoining premises
  • professional cleaning supply that includes special equipment, detergents, inventory, disinfectants, sanitary goods, etc.

 We can provide your office with:

 – liquid soap for washing hands, disposable towels, and electric dryers;

 – personal hygiene including toilet paper, disposable linen for toilet seats, 

 – we also have a special mud protection supply and anti-slip systems

 – qualitative hygiene and sanitary equipment;

 – refreshment of air in your office space;

 – easy cleaning of premises and garbage removal 

 – comfort in smoking areas equipped with our ashtrays, as well as electronic air fresheners using variable cartridges 

 – protection against street muds with the help of mud protection systems.

Our company performs office cleaning Long Island for your successful and enjoyable work in your office.



What do we include in our office cleaning services Long Island?

 – we will wipe out furniture, office equipment and window sills from dust and polish everything with special detergents

– polish of the mirror and other glass surfaces to the brilliance and incredible transparency   

– clean decorative elements of non-ferrous metals

–  wash the floor perfectly

 – we will clear upholstered furniture and chairs (vacuum treatment, stain removal, dry or wet cleaning)

 – we will carry out chemical cleaning of carpets and other surfaces

– our professionals in Office cleaning Long Island will remove various spots and pollution.

 – we will clear the blinds

 – our cleaners will remove the dust from the ventilation system

 – we will wash the ceiling and walls

 – our cleaners will remove garbage and also disinfect the garbage baskets

  – we clean and disinfect tiled walls, toilets, sinks, bidets, etc.

We carry out office cleaning Long Island both on a permanent basis and like one-time service. Cleaning services Long Island include a wide diversity of cleaning works that keep the office premises clean. Our cleaning company will bring order to the office and we will do everything accurately and qualitatively. Choose Office cleaning Long Island and you will not regret!


Extremely pleased with Sunlight Cleaning Service. I would recommend Sunlight Cleaning to my friends and family!


Great experience with Sunlight Cleaning Service. They were wonderful in understanding my needs. Thanks so much for the cleaning help.


We have been using Sunlight Cleaning Service for a few years now and we love the service. Out cleaning lady, Oksana has been particularly amazing with our office cleaning. She’s quick and keeps our office very tidy! Love the service we received so far here with Sunlight Cleaning.


office cleaning long island service Company will guarantee 100% customer satisfaction!

Sunlight Cleaning Company will guarantee 100% customer satisfaction!

Our main goal is the happiness and 100% satisfaction of the clients of our Cleaning Company Long Island. We will work until everything caters to the needs of the client. Our team is ready to extend a helpful hand in cleaning to you! Our helpline is customer friendly and is available 7 days a week! So, do not hesitate to contact us and book our Office Cleaning Services in Long Island right now!

Rely on Sunlight Cleaning company

Why can you rely on Sunlight Cleaning company? Because we have numerous advantages in comparison with other companies and individual cleaners:

our cleaners are professional & experienced

the workers of our company are very punctual, they always arrive on time

we can develop a personalized plan of cleaning for you

we have affordable prices and there are no extra charges

we use detergents and cleaning supplies of high quality

we perform the cleaning works until everything is complete 100%

our cleanings are fully insured and bonded

office cleaning long island service company maids

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