Green Cleaning NYC Services

Welcome to your clean and fresh home or apartment after Green Cleaning NYC Services

Green cleaning NYC service is not only about neat and tidy rooms and general aesthetics. We also concentrate on the inner cleanliness and almost invisible contamination in the house as well.

Sunlight cleaning can provide a top-quality service as if your home was a luxurious hotel. We have a lot of special eco-friendly equipment that will help to cater to your needs and maintain your good health.

The core value of the eco-friendly cleaning service is to keep the good health of our clients and save the environment at the same time. That’s why our employees use only green and eco-friendly detergents and professional cleaning equipment while working. We choose only those products that are safe, hypoallergenic, and weren’t tested on animals.

A distinctive feature of our cleaning company is a new type of cleaning – eco-friendly cleaning service NYC. It is a new but actively developing area of green professional cleaning. The main principle of it is the use of safe detergents, implements, and equipment following EcoLabel standards.

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Green Cleaning NYC service means a more serious and thorough approach to cleanliness. We train our workers to make them able to use green equipment properly. They are committed to maintaining a clean and healthy environment in the homes of our clients.

Our Team does their job professionally.

Also, there are quality control managers among our staff who make sure that every stage of green cleaning NYC is consistent with high ecological standards.

What services do we include in the Green Cleaning Service NYC?

  • vacuuming of floors, carpets, and other horizontal surfaces (vacuum delivery – by request);
  • steam cleaning of carpets and fabrics;
  • cleaning of lol hard-to-reach places like under furniture, or corners;
  • deep cleaning and disinfection of kitchen, bathroom, plumbing and fixtures, sinks, countertops, etc;
  • cleaning of the surfaces and exterior parts of furniture ;
  • cleaning of the interior of the fridge, microwave, oven, wardrobe, cabinets, closet, doors, etc;
  • dusting and wiping of tabletops, shelves and counters, doors, ceiling fans, etc;
  • cleaning of the office equipment;
  • mopping of floors;
  • cleaning of the spots from dirt, fingermarks, grime on the surfaces, door handles, furniture, etc;
  • we take out residues, trash, and garbage, and then recycle it.

If you need green commercial cleaning services, we provide it.


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What are our advantages and exclusive amenities for the clients of green cleaning NYC Service?



1. Expensive and high-quality equipment allows us to clean your house delicately and without damage 

2. We offer the most affordable prices for eco-cleaning in NYC

3. If you fill out an application on our website, you will receive a free consultation from our cleaning experts 

4. Our employees are experienced in this type of cleaning 

5. We respect your time and adapt to your schedule

6. The opinion of our customers is very important for us. Your feedbacks help us to improve constantly and do our job better and better.

7. You can always read the reviews and comments about the work of the company on our website.

Questions and Answers about our Green Cleaning Services

What are green cleaning services?

Green Cleaning means using green products to help our environment. Other products are proven to be toxic for surfaces and people. 

How much do green home cleaning services cost in New York City?

The Green Cleaning services cost depends on square footage, For under 1000sq ft. is regular price + additional $50. For above 1000sq ft please feel free to call us – Sunlight Cleaning NY to get an estimate. 

Why do you need to use green cleaning services for house cleaning?

You need to use Green Cleaning for house cleaning to prevent damage to the surfaces and to avoid exposure to toxic cleaning supplies.

How cleaning services can benefit from using green products?

When using green products, you can avoid exposure to harmful chemicals and help our environment such as ozone layer destruction prevention.

Why green cleaning is important?

Green cleaning is important because you choose cleaning products that are good for both people’s wellbeing and the planet.

Do you provide green commercial cleaning?

Yes, you can find more information about green commercial cleaning here.

If you want to have a clean house, good health, and to save our planet at the same time, feel free to contact us and order green cleaning NYC to your home!