Move Out/Move in Cleaning NYC

Moving in or Move out into a new apartment,house or new office in NYC?!

What is Move out/Move In Cleaning NYC, and when do you need it?


Let us figure this out. If you want to make a thorough preparation of your home for new in-movers or tenants, you will need a move in cleaning NYC service. It is also an option when you move to a new house. In the first case, you want to demonstrate the immaculate cleanliness of your home to a new tenant and put your best foot forward. In the second variant, you want to show the landlord that you manage to keep the cleanliness in the house.

So, you want to leave only pleasant impressions on you in both cases. Our professional team of cleaners can provide in-depth and qualitative move in/ move out cleaning. After our cleaning and sanitizing, your premises will look as good as new.

Our Move-in/ Move out Cleaning NYC service includes:

  • Our basic cleaning includes almost the same services as deep cleaning.
  • Cleaning inside of furniture like wardrobes, cabinets or drawers, and kitchen appliances like refrigerator or oven.
  • We will remove cobweb making move in cleaning in NYC.
  • Our cleaners will dust blinds, furniture, window sills, baseboards, decorations, reachable ceiling fans, light switches, and outlets.
  • We will clean the beds, bath, mirrors, doors, frames, and inside windows.
  • Our employees will vacuum, sweep and mop the floors and other surfaces.
  • We will remove the trash.
  • The cleaners will do wet wipe.
  • We will wipe down furniture and all possible surfaces.
move in cleaning nyc cabinets
move out - move in cleaning nyc services clean the floor
move out move in cleaning nyc sunlight services
move in cleaning nyc services

As you can see, first of all, we perform our standard cleaning services. These services are dusting and washing of all reachable places, wiping out, vacuuming, sanitizing, and necessary cleaning of the bathroom. Then we focus on other areas that you need to get cleaned.

But please keep in mind that we perform some services that are not included by us in the essential Move In Cleaning NYC for an extra charge.

The following Move In Cleaning services NYC will have an additional cost:

  • Cleaning of baseboards
  • Cleaning of closets
  • Cleaning of the interior walls
  • Cleaning of the interior windows

These services require additional resources and time. That is why they have some extra charge. However, you can always rely on our flexible price policy and order them at an affordable price. 

But there is a category of services that are not included in Move out / Move In Cleaning NYC at all. 

Unfortunately, if you order Move out/ Move In Cleaning service NYC, we will not perform the following cleaning procedures:

  • cleaning of exterior windows
  • steam cleaning and thorough washing/shampooing of the carpets
  • rust and mold removal
  • industrial cleaning 
  • cleaning of some unreachable surfaces, places, areas (for example, ceiling fans that are too high)
  • lifting and moving of heavy items

So, let’s include Move In Cleaning into your relocation plan! Our Move out/Move In Cleaning service NYC will help you simplify and complete cleaning in all phases of moving in or out the house. We will do a qualitative cleaning and can guarantee you 100% satisfaction. Contact us right now and order Move in/Move out Cleaning NYC!