Deep Steam Cleaning NYC Services

Try one of the most effective and eco-friendly cleaning methods that are also effective against viruses, including COVID-19

What is Steam Cleaning NYC service, and why is it the best cleaning option for your premises?

Steam cleaning is a type of cleaning work that professionals perform with a special steam machine. This device and cleaning method, in general, are safe for people and animals. It is also the best option for people who suffer from allergic reactions. Steam can help remove any contamination, including old stains, and there is no need to use strong chemicals. Initially, this method was widespread for cleaning at hospitals because sterility is essentially important there. But soon, people began to use steam when cleaning their houses and apartments. It became especially relevant during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The steam machine used for this type of cleaning helps provide the healthiest cleaning possible without using chemicals. The main advantage of this device is its disinfecting properties. The steam comes out of the nozzle at high temperature and pressure. It instantly kills viruses, bacteria, and germs, moth larvae, mites, and mold. This machine can remove dirt from even the narrowest gaps and hard to reach places. It is possible to eliminate unpleasant odors with its help. General cleaning will be much faster and better after it.

Sunlight Cleaning company offers not only qualitative Steam Cleaning NYC services for your apartment but also careful treatment during the cleaning works.

Your furniture, clothes, and other fragile items will be safe.

The quality of the services will pleasantly surprise you!

Order deep steam cleaning in NYC now!

steam cleaning process in bathroom

The advantages of deep steam cleaning of house or apartment are the following: 

  • it is safe for children and animals;
  • cleaning is suitable for any room or premise in the apartment;
  • it guarantees significant time savings; 
  • cost-conscious;
  • environmentally friendly cleaning without any chemicals; 
  • effective against COVID-19 virus;
  • maximum quality of cleaning even in the most hard to reach places; 
  • easy and effective cleaning of surfaces without additional efforts;
  • steam clean NYC is considered to belong to eco-cleaning since the main cleaning element is completely harmless water;
  • this type of cleaning refreshes the furniture;
  • the workers of our cleaning company can apply special detergents to the most contaminated areas before steaming in order to cope with stains better;
  • steam cleaning is a very effective way to fight against dust mites



Our cleaning company offers its customers, who ordered deep Steam Cleaning NYC, the following types of works:

  • cleaning of glass and mirror surfaces;
  • cleaning of heating devices, window sills, screens;
  • removing dirt from lighting fixtures;
  • removing dust and dirt from horizontal and vertical surfaces of kitchen furniture and cabinets in the bathroom;
  • cleaning the cooker outside and inside;
  • frying and microwave oven cleaning;
  • plumbing cleaning;
  • door cleaning;
  • cleaning of tiles in the kitchen and bathroom;
  • cleaning of skirting boards and floors
Steam Cleaning NYC of windows

Please consider that we do not perform steam clean NYC for carpets, waxed parquet floors, wool products, and electrical appliances!

The exceptions are refrigerators, microwaves, and electric ovens. These appliances and devices can be turned on after 1.5-2 hours when the cleaning is over.

No chemistry is used! We use only steam and a little effort from our professionals! Contact us, and you will receive a low budget quality result without harm to your health!

Why is Steam Cleaning NYC considered to be environmentally friendly?


The environmental friendliness of this method lies in the fact that we use no chemicals during the works. Water is the only “detergent” there. Steam and high temperature can remove any contamination without any need of chemicals. It also saves money and time. It will take approximately 60 minutes to clean an average apartment. This method is green because workers do not even have to recycle anything after the cleaning process. Also, steam cleaning saves water.

Why does steam cleaning help maintain health?

When choosing his method, you can be completely calm about the health of your family. Steam cleans in such a way that surfaces do not accumulate harmful substances that can cause allergies. This is very important for families with small children and people with chronic diseases.

Why does steam make cleaning so much faster and easier?

The steam separates the fat almost instantly and helps you forget about scrubbing old fat off the stove. Ironing of the laundry with the help of steam is much faster than using a regular iron. The steam cleaning can simplify a lot of things that previously were very time-consuming.

A big advantage of steam cleaning is that it is an easy way to disinfect premises without significant efforts. Due to the unique combination of steam and high temperature, the device can reach every corner of your rooms. As a result, the apartment is thoroughly cleaned without using chemicals. The steam does not leave any residues after the performed work.

Steam cleaning of the room with Dupray Steam Cleaning machine


Many clients were interested in whether a steam cleaning machine is an effective and environmentally friendly way to clean their homes? How to clean furniture properly with a steam cleaner, and what exactly is it? Therefore, we will try to explain everything step by step and begin with the description of this device used for steam cleaning of surfaces.

The steam machine (also called a steam generator or steam cleaner) is a special device (household or professional) for cleaning various surfaces and materials resistant to hot steam. It can clean from multiple types of contamination that are, on the contrary, susceptible to steam.

Now let’s have a closer look at how Dupray steam cleaner works.

The principle of work of the device is quite simple and very similar to a pressure cooker. The water heats up in a special tank, and then it generates steam at high pressure and low humidity (it is also called dry steam). The process will take from 2 to 5 minutes. During boiling, the device delivers metered steam for operation. This steam comes out on external surfaces under pressure through a flexible hose with a valve and then through the selected nozzle. The intensity of work depends on the steam pressure. Workers use warm water to speed up the heating.

steam cleaning NYC by Sunlight Cleaning

Among the more expensive models of steam generators, some immediately suck up the condensate formed from steam with dirt from the surface that was cleaned. Such models are called Steam vacuum cleaners, and they are very convenient and practical.

Main advantages of Dupray Steam Cleaning machine 


The steamer is a device that simplifies the cleaning process and cleans furniture and fabric from deeply rooted dirt. It removes microorganisms from the folds of the material with steam, softens and removes dirt from the casing structure. The device disinfects and returns light and “live” colors to fabrics. NYC Steam Cleaning with this machine is an excellent method to eliminate allergens and stains of varying complexity like soy sauce, juice, wine, and coffee.
Steam cleaning is especially useful when a person suffers from allergies and can not withstand any chemicals. After deep steam cleaning, the apartment’s air becomes cleaner, and you will even breathe easier.

In conclusion, it should be noted that deep steam cleaning, as well as the use of different types of steam cleaners, has several advantages and disadvantages. The same is true about any other types of cleaning and tidying. The main things you need to remember while performing Steam Cleaning NYC are to use the equipment of high quality, pay attention to the properties of materials and specifications of detergents, and follow the recommendations for cleaning from the manufacturer. We can assure you that our steam cleaners NYC do everything mentioned above. So you should have no doubts while using the services from Sunlight Cleaning NY. Contact us, and our specialists will bring perfect cleanliness to your home!

deep steam cleaning

 Popular Questions and Answers about our Steam Cleaning Services

Is this method effective against COVID-19?

It can be very efficient, together with other precautionary measures. Steam at high pressure and temperature kills harmful germs, bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms. It can be a good choice if you need disinfection.

Is the deep steam cleaning method environmentally friendly?

Yes, it is, because the only element needed for this type of cleaning is water for producing steam. We don’t use detergents and chemicals while performing steam cleaning.

What is a steam cleaning machine?

A steam cleaning machine or steam cleaner is a special device for removing dirt from various surfaces, and it works on hot steam.

Which steam cleaning machine does Sunlight cleaning use?

We use the Dupray Steam Cleaning machine. It is one of the most modern cleaning machines, and it is considered to be one of the best on the market.

Is this type of cleaning better than general cleaning?

Both methods are acceptable in terms of disinfection. But, we recommend ordering deep steam cleaning first to make general cleaning more effective.

Is deep cleaning much more expensive than other types of cleaning?

Having a special steam cleaning machine helps our workers save yours and their time and make less effort. So, we offer this type of cleaning at a reasonable price.

I need more help

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