Post Renovation Cleaning Services NYC

Welcome to your clean home after Post Renovation / Construction!

Post Renovation Cleaning Services NYC is one of our special post construction cleaning services that our professional cleaners perform regularly. Your apartment is supposed to look like brand new after repair.

However, sometimes, it does not seem that way because of different traces and scratches on the floor, walls, or other surfaces. We are ready to help you with this particular type of cleaning.

Post Renovation Cleaning Services NYC have many different nuances. Dust gets everywhere as a result of construction. Also, grime, grease, debris, paint splatter, and glue gunk are customary companions of any repair work. If your house went through at least a small renovation project, it is better to call cleaning experts at post renovation cleaning in NYC.

Sometimes, after trying to clean the house on your own, you can harm the surfaces just because you lack some specialized knowledge in this sphere.

So, to avoid scratches and traces on the surfaces, it’s better to rely on the professionals. In this case, you won’t risk spoiling the results of the repair works, and your house will look like a new one.

Our cleaning professionals know all the subtleties of Post Renovation Cleaning Services NYC


For example, our employees use specific professional equipment and detergents of high quality to cope with stains and do not cause harm to the residents of the house. Sunlight Cleaning company provides its customers with the cleaning works of high quality for many years in this region.

We have very reasonable pricing policy for Post Construction Cleaning NYC. We form our staff only of well-trained and certified experts who will easily cope with every post construction task. Also, trying to do this cleaning on your own can be hazardous not only to your interior but to your health as well.

So, residues of different chemicals and paints need to be removed quickly and professionally as well as dust and debris. Only in this case, there will be no negative impact on your house and health.

The team of cleaning experts is to ready to face any Post Renovation Cleaning Services NYC challenges because of the use of modern equipment and eco-friendly cleaning supplies.

We have a vast experience in Post Construction Cleaning. A lot of grateful customers can testify to the effectiveness and high level of professionalism of our cleaning team. So, now you can be next in the list of those whom we helped with Post Renovation Cleaning in New York!

post renovation cleaning services nyc vacuum

We make an exclusive post construction cleaning checklist to take care of everything necessary in the process of post renovation cleaning services NYC. Sunlight Cleaning NY will perform a wide range of different cleaning procedures, such as collecting or absorbing dust, dirt, and other remnants of construction.

Our Post Renovation process includes vacuuming, wet and dry cleaning, wipe downs as standard and core procedures, no matter how complicated the process of construction was. Also, there are some additional services that you can order after post construction cleaning services NYC. It will help do everything to perfection and make the cleanup complete.

  What can we do for your apartment after repair? Our professional cleaning team performs the following Post Renovation cleaning services NYC:

  • We maintain the floor and other surfaces;
  • remove debris and heavy material ;
  • carry out deep cleaning;
  • remove extensive dust in the process of cleaning;
  • wash all types of surfaces;
  • remove stains and scrub the floor accurately;
  • Sunlight cleaning removes dust from high places that are difficult to reach like vents, ceiling pipes, light fixtures. 
  • Our company wipe inside appliances and cabinetry;
  • we sanitize kitchens and bathrooms thoroughly;
  • scrub floors and tiles, wipe walls, polish stainless steel, metal fixtures, all chrome, porcelain, horizontal wooden surfaces ;
  • clean, wax and polish the floor;
  • clean window sills and frames;
  • Our company clean home and office furniture inside and outside ;
  • vacuum all surfaces at your home or office;
  • Sunlight Cleaning pays special attention to vacuuming carpets and linoleum.
post renovation cleaning services nyc cabinet removal

We usually do Post Renovation Cleaning Services in 3 main stages:


Stage 1: Rough Cleaning

We begin implementing this stage right after the framing and plumbing. The stage includes removal of large debris, trash, and stickers, and sweeping out as well. It is a preparatory stage for incoming painting, flooring, fixtures, etc.

Stage 2: Preparatory Cleaning

It includes a thorough up-to-down cleaning of kitchen and bath. Our staff washes sinks, tubs, showers, cabinets, and countertops. Besides, this stage also provides for the detailed tidying up of baseboards, light fixtures, door frames, window ledges, mirrors. Moreover, our cleaners vacuum and mop the floor as well. 

Stage 3: Final Cleaning

Till this moment all main cleaning works should be completed. Our workers have swept the premises, have vacuumed the carpets, have mopped the floors and have taken the remaining dust and small debris. The cleaning employees review the condition of the house one more time to ensure that the house is capable of move in and has all necessary livable conditions. After our cleaners complete all these three stages, the residents can go back to their home without being afraid of possible risks for their health.


Our specially trained team can find the proper cleaning solution for every kind of contamination after construction works.

We have a vast experience in post construction cleaning services NYC. Our cleaners use only professional equipment to carry out cleaning work competently and at a high level. For example, we use vacuum cleaners with special filters to prevent the spread of bacteria and microorganisms that can pollute the air and be dangerous for your health.

 Popular Questions and Answers about Post Renovation Cleaning 

What's included in a post-renovation cleaning service by Sunlight Cleaning NY?

Post-renovation cleaning from Sunlight Cleaning includes: cleaning of walls, doors, moldings, floors will be vacuumed and mopped (twice), deep cleaning of bathroom and kitchen, and all the lamps lights and chandeliers.

See what’s included in a post renovation cleaning service.

Which Post Renovation Cleaning professional will come to my place?

For the post renovation cleaning a post-renovation team will be sent to your place. 

How much does a general post-renovation cleaning cost?

A post renovation price depends on the square footage of the place that will be cleaned.

What cleaning supplies does every apartment need for post-renovation cleaning?

Cleaning supplies that will be used for the post renovation cleaning are for: bathroom, oven, stainless steel,  floors, wood, leather, steamers will be used and multipurpose cleaners. 

What is post construction cleaning?

Post construction cleaning is the same as a post renovation 

How much does post construction cleaning cost?

Post construction cleaning cost as much as a post renovation one 

How many sq ft per hour can you clean for post construction cleaning?

1 person can clean 100 sq ft in one hour.

Why do you need post-construction cleaning ?

You need a post construction cleaning after a renovation or a construction project.

What all cleaning supplies do you need for post construction cleanup?

Cleaning supplies that will be used for the post renovation cleaning are for: bathroom, oven, stainless steel, floors, wood, leather, a steamers will be used and multipurpose cleaners.

What is the difference between new construction and post construction cleaning?

Post renovation has not only dust but dirt left over after the renovation has been done

What do I need for post construction cleaning?

For post construction cleaning you need to give the square footage and the apartment condition to the professionals.

How do you clean bathroom tiles after builder?

Tiles are cleaned from top to bottom twice. First special supplies are used to clean tiles, and a blade to get the paint off it. Second time around a sponge is used to finish the job.

Do you provide post renovation/ post construction cleaning services in NYC only?

We provide post-construction/ post-renovation cleaning services in New York City ( Brooklyn, Manhattan, Long Island) and New Jersey | NJ.

I need more help

We provide post-construction/ post-renovation cleaning services in New York City ( Brooklyn, Manhattan, Long Island) and New Jersey | NJ.

If you still think that construction brings only stress into your life, it’s high time to change your opinion! Let our professionals prove that it is possible to return the ideal state of the premises after repair. Book Post Renovation cleaning services NYC right now and feel free to ask questions, we are available seven days a week!