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Deep Cleaning

The deep cleaning service is a complex cleaning from A to Z. If you don’t use the regular cleaning systematically for some reasons, we recommend you to order this professional deep cleaning service from our Maid Service Manhattan package in order to transform your apartments into a clean and tidy place.

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Move in/ Move out Cleaning

The move in / move out cleaning Manhattan is special services that help to prepare apartments before you move into new accommodation. The previous tenant could leave the house in the dirt and unacceptable conditions in general, so it is necessary to clean it up properly from top to bottom. As a result, you will have a pleasant welcome to your cozy home.

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Home Cleaning Services

Home Cleaning Services Manhattan will help you to transform your home into a dream place. Our professional Manhattan cleaners can develop a personalized plan of cleaning and then perform all range of cleaning works from dusting to vacuuming. Using our best house cleaning service will help you to maintain immaculate cleanliness in your home.

 Post Renovation Cleaning Service

Post Renovation Cleaning Service

Post Renovation Cleaning Service Manhattan differs from the usual cleaning process. Tidying up after a renovation needs a special top-down approach in order to remove all dust and the residues of paint and construction materials. It will help to prevent you from possible allergic reactions. Our employees can quickly return your home into a livable condition, so you can enjoy it even more than before.

 Post Construction Cleaning

Post Construction Cleaning Service

In order to perform Post Construction Cleaning, our professional cleaners use proper techniques and equipment. We will help you to tidy everything up after different construction projects, commercial or residential renovation, and restoration work. Our employees will provide fast and qualitative services and will help you to get rid of debris and demolition waste after construction.

 Office Cleaning Services

Office Cleaning Services

Office Cleaning Services Manhattan includes performing a wide range of cleaning work like dusting, washing and wiping out of all reachable surfaces, disinfection and sanitizing of the bathrooms, and vacuuming of the carpets and floors. The professional cleaners of our cleaning company focus on all areas of your business and provide a comprehensive top-to-bottom commercial cleaning in Manhattan.

How does it work?

Maid Service Manhattan booking process


At first, you need to make arrangements for the date and time when you want to have maid services performed. Our maids will adjust to your schedule. Don’t worry about time, because we are flexible and it’s easy to reach an agreement with us about a suitable date.

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We guarantee that after our maid services are completed, you will not be able to keep your positive emotions down. Just enjoy it!

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When you enter your house after house cleaning services Brooklyn was performed, you will be pleasantly surprised! And now just sit back and relax. Enjoy your sparkling home after!


Sometimes it’s very hard and challenging to let strangers in your house. But when you invite our maids into your home, you can be sure in their 100% reliability. We select only the best candidates and carefully check them out, so you don’t have to worry.

We guarantee your Sunlight cleaner is always:

 Professional & Experienced maids by Sunlight Maid Service

Professional & Experienced

History & reference checked maids from Sunlight Cleaning

History & reference checked

 Confident English speaking maids

Confident English speaking

Interviewed in person in our Cleaning Company

Interviewed in person in our Cleaning Company

 Highly rated maids by other Sunlight Cleaning customers

Highly rated by other Sunlight Cleaning customers

Maid Service Manhattan

Maid service Manhattan is a perfect helper for busy people. Our favorite job or occupation often does not leave time for cleaning hassles. And sometimes it is extremely difficult to cope with the huge amount of homework. This is a typical problem for the owners of spacious city apartments and large country houses. In this case, the best solution is to order a professional maid service Manhattan.

  A maid is a universal and irreplaceable home helper. She can bring cleanliness and keep the comfort in the home. In case you need help with homework (ironing, washing up, laundry), a maid can easily perform all these tasks. She can also take care of your pet’s house or the plants.

 You can find a hard-working and responsible maid here on our website. We will provide you with the best maid service Manhattan! We perform maid service in Manhattan, NYC both to individuals and entities.

If you value your time and prefer to live in perfect cleanliness, you should definitely try our maid service Manhattan. Our service is a guaranteed solution to the problem of the lack of time for maintaining the cleanliness of your home. You only need to agree on the time and frequency of cleaning.   


What do we include in maid service Manhattan?

General cleaning procedures:

  • dry vacuum cleaning
  • wet cleaning of floor and skirting board,
  • wet cleaning of windows, window sills, radiators and pipes,
  • removal of dust from door blocks,
  • washing of mirrors and glass surfaces,
  • removal of dust from accessories, interior items (vases, picture frames, etc.),
  • wet cleaning of all types of cabinet furniture (tables, shelves, cabinets, bedside tables, external furniture facades and other surfaces)
  • dust removal from home appliances
  • removal of garbage, replacement of plastic bags in garbage baskets
  • washing of garbage baskets


  • cleaning and disinfection of sanitary ware (faucets, baths, shower cubicles, sinks, toilets, bidets),
  • washing of the tiles (if there is contamination).



  • washing of the cooker, refrigerator, oven and microwave oven outside,
  • wiping out the kitchen furniture and working surfaces (countertops, bar counters),
  • disinfection of the trash can

The maid’s average working day is 1-3 hours, depending on the area of ​​the room. We include detergents, consumables and equipment for cleaning an apartment, house or cottage in the general fee.


In order to invite our professional cleaner in maid service Manhattan to your house, you need to contact our company through the phone or fill in an application form on our website a few days before the desired date. The specialist of our company will perform all the necessary cleaning work at home quickly and qualitatively. They will wash all the floors and wipe down dust. It will add gloss to the mirrors and chrome or glass surfaces. Also, they will wash up the kitchen furniture and equipment and do cleaning and disinfecting of plumbing and bath. 

So, do not delay the chance to improve the quality of the cleanliness of your home with the help of our maid service in Manhattan, New York!

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Sunlight Cleaning Company will guarantee 100% customer satisfaction!

Our main goal is the happiness and 100% satisfaction of the clients of our Cleaning Company in Manhattan. We will work until everything caters to the needs of the client. Our team is ready to extend a helpful hand in cleaning to you! Our helpline is customer friendly and is available 7 days a week! So, do not hesitate to contact us and book our Maid Service Manhattan right now!

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We have proved to be one of the best cleaning companies on the market. That’s why you can easily rely on us taking into account the following advantages:

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Cleaning Service Checked Icon our cleaning supplies include eco-friendly and qualitative detergents as well as up-to-date equipment

Maid Service Manhattan Icon we complete everything 100%

Maid Service Manhattan Icon we possess all necessary licenses and insurances

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