Our workplace or office is where we spend most of our productive time. Therefore, ensuring it is in prime condition, clean, and organized is the key to a healthy start to the day. After every few days or weeks, your workplace will require an office deep cleaning, and that’s why we are here today.

Deep office cleaning is essential to ensure the workplace stays healthy and clean. This isn’t just important for being more efficient on the job and for your peace of mind. Nobody can perform to the fullest if the workplace is shabby and untidy.

Importance of Office Deep Cleaning


Importance of Office Deep Cleaning

You often lose track of time when involved in work during office hours. Running past colleagues to make it to the meetings, standing impatiently in queues to get approvals, hitting on the printer to get your papers first, and spilling coffee along the way are just a few glimpses of what happens at work. 

At such a pace, it is easy to overlook office deep cleaning. Usually, it’s just the routine cleanup janitors do after everyone’s left for home. But that’s not thorough enough, and you need to get a deep clean done every once in a while.

If hidden food crumbs are present around the corners of the desks, carpet stains, dust particles, mold, and other unpleasantries, it won’t be long before the office becomes an infectious site.

Moreover, dirty toilets and kitchens can also become breeding grounds for rodents and rats. Then there are piles and piles of work, files, and documents that need routine organizing. If there’s a cluttered space, people would eventually run out of places to work. 

So, clean and neat places incentivize the employees to work to their maximum potential on the job. We recommend a thorough deep clean every three to four months to ensure the workplace meets health and hygiene standards. 

Here are a few further reasons that advocate the importance of a thorough deep cleaning at the office:

  • Ensures safe and healthy employees: Germs and bacteria can give rise to diseases and allergies. As a result, employee absenteeism increases, and they are less likely to show up and perform at work. Cleaner spaces get you healthy and motivated employees.
  • Increased Productivity: When the work conditions are good, employees are more likely to come to work. There’s a 12.5% less chance they use sick leaves. So a cleaner place ensures a healthy work environment and increased work productivity.
  • Peace of Mind: We are born with some innate desires. It is natural to find beauty and cleanliness attractive. When everything looks good and polished, that has a pleasing effect on the human mind. 

How is Office Deep Cleaning Different from Regular Cleaning?

How is Office Deep Cleaning Different from Regular Cleaning?

Office deep cleaning is a thorough process. In this cleaning, the cleaners leave no nooks and corners that can become health hazards. The cleaning list entails tasks not part of the regular everyday cleaning. 

Some of the things included in deep cleaning are:

  • Cleaning of switches, lights, and fans
  • Door handles and knobs
  • Thorough carpet and sofa cleaning
  • Bathroom and toilet sanitation
  • Complete appliance cleaning
  • Cleaning blinds, window panes, and curtains
  • Cleaning computer monitors, keyboards, printers, scanners, and other hardware devices
  • Disinfecting and cleaning kitchen counters and cupboards

Key Aspects of Office Deep Cleaning

Key Aspects of Office Deep Cleaning

A thorough clean every four to six months will keep the workplace immaculate. However, the frequency also depends on the work environment and the nature of the business. 

Some companies also opt for deep cleaning office services whenever an external team visits or when they plan a party or in-house function.

Since the working conditions directly impact employee productivity, you will see the employees will be more than willing to come and be more productive when there is a favorable working environment. 

Hence it is best to hire professionals to do a thorough deep cleaning job. Here are the key elements to consider when you opt for a deep office cleaning.

declutter - the office deep cleaning


It’s natural to get a cluttered space with time, especially since we don’t get to sort out the useful from the unuseful piles during our routine days at work.

Start from one corner, or go in a clockwise direction. First, clear and sort out the documents in clear labeled piles of urgent and important. Then toss away those sticky note messages you no longer need. 

Shred or throw away the important documents as required and be very selective in what you keep on your desk. Since we are already limited in space, there’s no need to add extra decor or pictures on the table, further reducing your working area.

Sort through the drawers, lockers, and cabinets as well. Keep only those needed items; take the rest home or toss them away.

office deep cleaning - nooks and corners

Nooks and Corners

Then the professional deep cleaning office services make a note of and tackle the hard-to-reach areas. These include places behind the shelves, drawers, vents, and even the edges of the ceilings. Believe it or not, insects and reptiles often lay eggs in these places. 

So, mold is just the tip of the iceberg. These pests and germs multiply at impressive rates, and if untreated, it isn’t long before the whole place becomes a den of disease.

So the team comes equipped with the tools to tackle these hard-to-reach areas. These include:

  • Microfiber cloth
  • Disinfectant sprays
  • Dusters
  • Vacuum cleaners
  • All-purpose cleaners
  • Furniture polish, etc.

Dusty Areas

Then there are those areas where dust easily accumulates. These include the windowsills, vents, edges or drawers, and cupboards. Unfortunately, these become the favorite places of dirt mites, insects, and other allergens that can affect health.

A thorough cleaning is necessary to remove the dust before it becomes a health hazard. You can use vacuums, dusters, and wipes to clean the windows and vents. Then, an all-purpose cleaner is perfect for cleaning up the cabinets and drawers.

Then there are other places like:


Use a damp cloth with an all-purpose cleaner to wipe off the walls for any accumulated dust or eggs.

Office Decor

Same for the office decor items. Carefully rub the cloth or wipe across the pieces going deep through the nooks and creaks to remove any dust particles that may have settled here and there.


The best approach is to go from the top all the way down to the ground while dusting. So once the vents, walls, and higher-up places are clean, get down to the baseboards. 

These can be cleaned via vacuum cleaners or if there are stubborn stains or sticky spots, use the wipe and all-purpose cleaner there as well.


The cleaners must scrub the sofas, chairs, tables, and mantle pieces every once in a while. This is because food crumbs, spilled drinks, dirt, or even mold can accumulate in such places.

Deep cleaning office services will remove all stains and clean up the furniture inside out. That way, you wouldn’t have to deal with stains or foul smells that can be a turn-off, especially if you have premium clients coming in for visits.


It’s not just regular mopping and cleaning that’ll do the job for you. For a deep clean, you need to get some action around. You may have to move the furniture to access and clean the entire floor. 

If you have carpeting inside the office, you will need a vacuum and mop to clean the flooring.

cleaning and disinfect all the surfaces


Finally, once you have cleaned all surfaces, nooks, crannies, and the tops and bottoms of the shelves, it’s time to disinfect the place.

Since there are chances that even after the thorough cleanup, there may be germs and bacteria lingering on that can lead to infections, it is best to use disinfectant sprays and cloths.

Cover all these areas while disinfecting the place:

  • Door handles and knobs
  • Sinks and faucets
  • Computers and all appliances
  • Phones and desks
  • All countertops and drawers

Moreover, ensure to clean the insides of the refrigerators, microwave ovens, and water dispensers every once in a while. Since these places’ food is likely to stick, it needs proper cleaning and disinfection to ensure your employees eat healthy and safe meals.


The final step is to dispose of and discard unwanted and troublesome food and waste. First, remove the garbage and disinfect and clean the rubbish bins. Then throw out unused food items, rotting fruits, and other expired stuff.

Place some air fresheners around, and use the sprays and sachets to neutralize any leftover odors so people can breathe fresh and clean air.


An office should be a welcoming space for clients, investors, and employees. Everyone must feel at ease and comfortable talking, working, and performing; that can only be when the place is tidy and meets basic human needs.

So make your office a comfortable, safe, hygienic place for your employees to work and spend most of their day.

Schedule a thorough office deep cleaning today; the best time is to get it done during the weekend so the cleaners can work without disruptions and get the job done fast. So, welcome employees to a clean, clear – sans the blues – space on a Monday. If you need the help of professional office deep cleaning services, feel free to book office cleaning online.


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