Whether you run a small business or a startup, you want to keep it clean, safe, and sparkling. That’s when a commercial cleaning checklist comes in handy. It covers all the cleaning tasks that must be performed to ensure your work premises are safe for everyone working inside them.

Commercial cleaning is a lot of work, and one can easily miss essential tasks that require the most attention. Therefore, you need a well-thought-out cleaning plan, which the commercial cleaning checklist conveniently provides.

Are you wondering where to start? Read on for a complete commercial cleaning checklist or download our commercial cleaning checklist pdf, and then tick off each task when you’re done.

commercial  cleaning checklist: exterior window cleaning


Commercial Cleaning Checklist

Here is a general commercial cleaning checklist, which you can customize as per your property’s needs. 


Commercial Reception Cleaning Checklist

  • Tidy welcome mats and front door decor
  • Clean the glass of the front door
  • Disinfect door handles and push bars
  • Vacuum HVAC vents
  • Change filters if required
  • Disinfect desk and counter
  • Empty trash.
  • Disinfect light switches, AC, and heat controls
  • Dust table, lamps, and chairs
  • Vacuum any couches
  • Sweep or mop the floor
  • Deep clean the carpets or rugs

commercial office cleaning

Commercial Office Cleaning Checklist

  • Dust HVAC vents
  • Change filters if included in the contract
  • Dust cabinets, shelves, and similar hard surfaces
  • Dust all the computer equipment
  • Disinfect light switches, AC, and heat controls
  • Empty trash bins and change liners
  • Disinfect the desk, phone, or anything present on the tables
  • Clean glass windows and other glass surfaces
  • Dust windows
  • Clean curtains, if any
  • Sweep and mop the floor
  • Arrange things as requested

check the Kitchen sink - commercial kitchen cleaning

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

  • Empty refrigerator to remove unclaimed items
  • Clean the fridge inside out
  • Use a disinfect to wash kitchen counters
  • Clean the sink
  • Empty and clean all the cabinets
  • Clean the countertop and arrange things so it looks presentable
  • Clean the water cooler
  • Empty and clean the coffee machine
  • Empty all the trash bins
  • Wash all the unclean dishes
  • Disinfect table tops
  • Vacuum the floor

the bathroom cleaning in the move in cleaning process & when you do post construction cleaning checklist | Commercial bathroom cleaning checklist

Commercial Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

  • Empty and disinfect the trash bins
  • Disinfect sinks, hand dryers, and paper towel dispensers
  • Clean the toilets and disinfect it
  • Wipe down the mirrors using a mirror cleaner
  • Clean and refill paper towels, soap, and toilet paper dispensers
  • Mop and sweep floors
  • Disinfect all door handles

Check the boxes on this commercial cleaning walk-through checklist or commercial cleaning checklist pdf as you perform each task. You can also use the list to investigate or check the work of a hired team of professional cleaners doing the job for you. 

commercial cleaning checklist in details

Commercial Cleaning Checklist In Details 

Commercial cleaning is very different from residential cleaning. So, if this is your first time having your office space or other commercial property cleaned, you can easily feel overwhelmed by the process. 

Commercial properties are usually bigger, and they need to be cleaned according to government standards. You may be fined if you fail to use enough water or non-environmentally friendly products for your cleaning tasks. 

Also, if your commercial property is in an area with similar buildings, you need to ensure that this project doesn’t affect people working around you. 

Commercial cleaning projects often usually come with a tight deadline. In most cases, it should be done within a day or two maximum. That’s because you can’t close an office for an indefinite time just to make it spick and span.

With so many challenges associated with commercial cleaning, it makes sense to use a commercial cleaning checklist for seamless performance. 

Commercial Reception Cleaning Checklist

You shouldn’t leave any spot untouched when cleaning up the reception area. That’s because this is the first place anyone would look at as soon as entering the property. 

Whether you run a medical facility or a small business office, the reception area should be pristine to develop the first good expression.  

The cleaning of this area should start with removing all the doormats and front door decor. The mat should either be vacuumed or cleaned as required. Additionally, any decor should be cleaned and then fixed properly. 

The front door should also be dusted properly both from inside and outside. If it is made of a mirror, make sure to run a wet cloth over it and then disinfect the door properly. 

Empty all the trash bins present in the reception area. You must also replace their trash bags so they don’t smell bad. 

Then, disinfect all surfaces, including reception desks, glass tables, and sofas in the waiting area. If there are any fabric chairs or couches, run a vacuum over them to collect dust or hair particles. 

If your HVAC vents need a cleanup, remove and vacuum them. You may also change the filter as required. 

Finally, clean the floor by sweeping and then mopping it. If there is a carpet, remove and clean it. Then, let it dry before placing it back. 

Commercial Office Cleaning Checklist

Your commercial property’s offices should look presentable. After all, that’s where you and your employees spend most of the time. 

Start by vacuuming all the HVAC vents and changing the filters as needed. Then, dust and clean the shelves, cabinets, desks, and other hard surfaces around the house. If there are computer units, dust them, too, to remove any accumulated grime. 

Disinfect these surfaces before properly rearranging the things on them. Make sure no item gets displaced. 

Once you’ve done this, disinfect the light switches and AC/heating controls. You should also run a disinfectant on the door handles. 

If the office space has windows, clean them properly so they are free from any smudges. All the curtains should also be vacuumed or sent for cleaning as required. 

Finally, clean the floor. Again, if the area is fully carpeted, either vacuum it or sweep it properly using a disinfectant. 

Follow this checklist for all office rooms, including conference rooms, shared spaces, or individual cubicles. 

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

Cleaning this area is quite tricky, especially with so many people using it. Many use the kitchen area to just heat up their food, while some like to sit in the spit during their coffee breaks. 

Make sure you clean this space carefully without touching anything that may belong to someone else. 

Start by removing all the unclaimed items from the refrigerator. Let people know about this so they can label their things beforehand. Then, wipe the refrigerator shelves and clean the appliance properly. 

Once that’s done, put back the claimed items and run the refrigerator once it is disinfected and dry. 

Move on to disinfecting all the counters and rearranging the things on them. Make them look presentable and organized. 

Don’t forget to clean the sinks, taps, faucets, and table tops. 

If your property’s kitchen uses a coffee machine and a water cooler, empty them properly before thoroughly cleaning them up. Do the same with other small appliances like a toaster or a sandwich maker. 

Accumulate all the waste in a trash bin before removing it from the area. Replace the old bin bag with a new one immediately. 

Finally, clean the kitchen floor and disinfect the area so it looks and smells fresh. 

Commercial Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

This is generally the last space in a commercial property for the cleanup. Bathrooms in a commercial site often require thorough cleaning because they are used by many people at a time. 

Therefore, ensure that the restrooms look fresh and clean every time. 

Start by disinfecting the sinks, hand dryers, and paper towel dispensers. Then, do the same with the toilets and toilet paper dispensers. 

Make sure that the toilet bowls are as clean as possible. Use a high-quality bowl cleaner for this job. 

Ensure that every glass mirror above the sink is crystal clear. Use a great cleaner to make it look top-notch. 

Check whether all hand dryers work properly. If some don’t, send them for repair. 

Fill all the paper towels, toilet paper, and soap dispensers to the brim. 

Then, collect all the trash and empty every bin properly. Disinfect the trash receptacles as well. 

Finally, run a sweeper on the floor when all surfaces are cleaned and disinfected. Mop it properly so it shines like no one has ever stepped on it. 

If your commercial property has separate bathrooms, follow the same checklist for all. If there are shower areas, include the disinfection of showerheads as a task on the list, too. 

office commercial cleaning for professionals


Commercial Cleaning Checklist for the Professionals 

While this commercial cleaning checklist may help you complete this project, you may struggle to achieve perfection if you already have a lot on your plate. 

Therefore, it is best to hire professional cleaners to follow the checklist and do the work for you. Professional commercial cleaning has several benefits. 

  • It ends faster than you can imagine. Professional cleaners are trained to meet all deadlines conveniently. 
  • They ensure that all the tasks on the checklist are checked and even amend the list according to the property’s needs. 
  • Professional cleaning uses high-quality products only with tools that help achieve desired results quickly. 
  • Professional cleaners consider all standards when performing their jobs. This keeps you safe from any potential legal penalties or fines. 

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