What is Cleaning and what is A Big Clean Up?!

The definitions of cleaning may vary a lot as there many different types of cleaning. Cleaning, in general, is the act of making something clean by removing dirt, filth or other unwanted substances. Sunlight Cleaning Service offers you a wide range of cleaning services.

So what is a Big Clean Up?

There are different types of Big Clean Up too. Let’s say you just bought a new house or apartment or you decided to change something in your old one. You called the company and all construction and renovations are already done. You are happy and ready to move in, but don’t forget cleaning after the renovation is one of the most important and healthy parts. It is only one of the aspects of the Big Clean Up and it is a big job as after renovation there are usually lots of dust, dirt, and garbage.


Sometimes, cleaning is provided by the construction company.

But as practice shows it is not the best idea, simply because the construction employees have no knowledge of cleaning. After the renovation, it is very important to clean your house right and qualitative as some of the microparticles of dust may still be in walls, doors, cabinets. If the cleaning will be unprofessional these microparticles can lead to different health problems, diseases, and allergies.

The process of cleaning may take lots of your hours, days and efforts. That’s why Sunlight Cleaning Service is here to help you.

Our company offers you high-class services performed by our professional employees. They will provide you with utmost pro cleaning and surprise you with high quality and timing. Our company is working very effectively. Satisfaction guaranteed. Besides that while cleaning, we consider all special technologies and equipment, all cleaning supplies and detergents which are appropriate for all areas and surfaces and have no harm for you or your beloved pets. Because of this, the best choice for you is to call Sunlight Cleaning Service today and ask our specialists to help you. We perform the job precisely as you want it.

Stages of a Big Clean Up:

  • cleaning of the windows inside and outside;
  • elimination of dust, cobweb from the walls and ceilings;
  • washing and wiping of all kind of lamps including small lamps, floor lamps, big lamps;
  • cleaning of radiators and pipes;
  • cleaning of the mirrors;
  • cleaning of hardwood floors and plinths;
  • cleaning of sinks, toilets, bathtubs, bidets, faucets;
  • cleaning of the door units;
  • taking out any litter and garbage;

In addition to this Sunlight Cleaning Service provides you with a wide range of other services such as

  • cleaning of the blinds;
  • cleaning of the balconies and porches;
  • cleaning of the fridges, stoves inside and outside;
  • cleaning of the carpets and furniture;
  • dry cleaning of the curtains;
  • additional disinfection of the premises.

Sunlight Cleaning Service guarantees to make a perfect cleanness for your comfortable and safe living because the right Clean Up is the secret for a healthy family.