If you need a clean and organized room to get a more restful sleep, we suggest using a well-curated bedroom deep cleaning checklist. Why? 

Imagine coming to a messy and cluttered room after work every day. This space may not only be a pain for your eyes but also an enemy of your mental health. As per experts, clutter and mess cause anxiety and stress in people. 

But thankfully, with a few tips and effort, you can thoroughly clean your bedroom and make it a safe haven. By using our checklist, you can convert your room of trash into a rejuvenating space. 

Dig in to find the ultimate deep cleaning bedroom checklist and some tricks to ace each task. 

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Deep Cleaning Bedroom Cleaning Checklist

Here is the checklist. Just tick off the tasks as you complete them.

Task No  Bedroom Deep Cleaning Tasks ✅ 
1 Gather all the required supplies such as mops, cleaners, broom   
2 Get a few trash bags   
3 Pile all the stuff from the floor and put it on the bed  
4 Pile everything from tables or desks and put it on the bed  
5 Perform thorough dusting   
6 Sweep and mop the floor. Vacuuming is also an option  
7 Wash the mirrors, windows, doors and sanitize  
8 Spray and clean the surfaces  
9 Throw away stuff in trash bags that you may not require  
10 Sort the piles of things on the bed and put them away in their right places.  
11 Strip your mattress and then sanitize it  
12 Rotate the mattress and remake it with clean bedding  
13 Empty the closet   
14 Tidy up the closet and organize your clothes, jewelry, and shoes  
15 Remove your curtains and leave them for cleaning  
16 Put the curtains on when dry and ironed  
17 Apply a room mist as a final touch-up  

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Why Do You Need a Bedroom Deep Cleaning Checklist? 

Let’s admit it: Deep cleaning is a huge task. It is more than just running a vacuum on the floor or making your bed. The practice involves cleaning each nook and corner of your bedroom so that it looks as good as new. 

This isn’t possible to achieve if you don’t have a checklist in hand. Whether on your phone or in hand, the checklist lets you ensure your bedroom is deeply cleaned. As a result, you don’t have to tidy it for some time at least. 

Also, with a checklist, you don’t leave a spot in your bedroom unchecked. It makes your life easy. 

Plus, it is a great tool to have a well-organized cleaning adventure.

Now that you know the importance of a bedroom deep cleaning checklist, let’s dive into this article to find what you are expected to do before ticking off each task on the list as done. 

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Bedroom Deep Cleaning Checklist- Tasks to Conquer and How

You can complete all tasks within a few hours by focusing on the things that matter. 

Gather All the Required Supplies

Need an uninterrupted experience when cleaning your bedroom? We recommend gathering all the required supplies at the start of the process. 

You may need: 

  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Broom
  • Mop
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Detergents

Make sure that no product is expired. If they are, avoid using them

Get Hold of Trash Bags

You need trash bags handy so you can discard all the garbage present in the bedroom. You can also then pick up unwanted items and put them in the bags immediately so they don’t accumulate. 

Pile the Stuff on the Floor and Place it on Your Bed.

If your bedroom floor has books, clothes, or edibles lying, pick them up and put them on your bed. That’s because you need your floor to be clear when cleaning your bedroom. 

Also, anything on the floor will only hinder your pace as you move from one end of the room to another to clean the space. You can’t afford to trip over and hurt yourself during this cleaning expedition. 

Pile Everything from Tables or Desks And Put it On the Bed.

Next up, do the same with the things present on your side tables, dressing tables, study tables, and desks. 

You need to clear these surfaces from unnecessary items so they can be cleaned and dusted properly. These may include your books, makeup items, chargers, laptop, phone, and other similar items.

Perform Thorough Dusting

After the above tasks are done, it is time to start dusting since you aim for deep cleaning, dust each nook and corner of your bedroom. 

Dusting is imperative to enhance the air quality of your room while reducing allergens. Dust the ceiling, furniture, and walls of your space. Don’t forget to remove the accumulated grime on your television, lamps, books, dressers, desks, and tables. 

You can use a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment. However, for delicate items, put a microfiber cloth to good use. 

Sweep and Mop or Vacuum the Floor

Now is the right time to clean the surfaces. Depending on your floor type, sweep and mop or vacuum it. 

If your room is carpeted, run a vacuum cleaner over it. You can also remove the carpet to get it cleaned professionally. 

However, if you have a wooden floor, sweep and then mop it. Use a dustpan to collect the grime when sweeping the floor. 

Wash and Sanitize the Mirrors, Windows, and Doors

Your next job should be to wash your mirrors, windows, and doors. Light switches and door handles are favorite spots for germs to settle on. Ensure that you clean them, too. 

Once they are all washed, sanitize your doors, windows, and mirrors using a solution of your choice. Wear gloves to ensure that your hands are safe. 

Spray and Clean the Surfaces

Meanwhile also clean the surfaces such as your tables and other pieces of furniture. Then, sanitize them using a solution in a spray bottle. This is important to kill all types of germs resting in your bedroom. 

Throw Away Wasted Stuff in Trash Bags 

Throw away all the unnecessary Stuff you find in trash bags. This trick will help reduce clutter as you make your room a haven. 

Sort the Piles of Things on the Bed and Put Them Away in Their Right Places

Remember you had piled things on your bed? Now, it is time to put them away in their rightful spots.

Make sure you place each thing properly so your tables and desks look organized. If some items require dusting, do the honor and then put them in their respective spots. 

Finish off when the bed is entirely empty. 

Strip Your Mattress And Then Sanitize It

Now remove your existing bedding and separate it for your laundry. Strip the mattress properly and sanitize it using a safe solution. 

If you wish to keep your mattress under the sun for some time, do it. This is a great trick to get rid of bed bugs. 

Rotate the Mattress and Remake it With Clean Bedding

According to the bedroom deep cleaning checklist, once your mattress has been cleaned and sanitized, move it back to your room. Then, rotate it to change sides before finally placing it on your bed. 

Now that your mattress looks squeaky clean cover it with fresh bedding. You may want to take out a new bed sheet set or get an old one you might have just picked from the laundry. 

Change your bed sheet, pillow covers, and comforter. Also, get new covers for your cushions as well. 

Empty the Closet 

Let’s move to your closet now. Empty it entirely!

 Remove your shoes, clothes, and any other items. You can place them on your bed for some time. 

Tidy Up the Closet and Organize Your Clothes, Jewelry, and Shoes

With everything out, it is time to organize your closet. Put all your clothes in sequence so they are easy to find when you need them. 

Hang your clothes using wooden hangers that don’t break. Section your closet by separating your formal clothes from the informal ones. 

Similarly, line up your shoes in order. Put the shoes that you rarely wear at the back of the section. 

To organize your jewelry, it is better to have a box with different sections. Place your rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets separately so they don’t tangle with each other

Remove Your Curtains and Leave Them for Cleaning

This is an optional task for anyone who has curtains that require washing. If your curtains look dirty, take them off for cleaning. It is best to give them to a professional cleaner as they might carry the task much better than you. 

Put the Curtains on When Dry and Ironed

Once the curtains are cleaned and dry, iron them using a streamer. Then, just place them on the window. You may need help doing this job, so don’t hesitate to ask a friend. 

Apply a Room Mist as a Final Touch Up

By this time, your room will be looking unimaginably clean. As the last step, spray a room mist to make this space smell great and relaxing. You can also switch on your humidifier if you have one. 

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Do It Yourself or Get Bedroom Deep Cleaning Services on Board

Has this bedroom deep cleaning checklist helped you or left you overwhelmed? If you can’t afford to clean your bedroom properly, don’t fret. Take help from the best bedroom deep cleaning services in your town. 

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