Have you ever considered the 3 phases of post construction cleaning that you must consider getting done after a construction job ends? Unfortunately, construction clean-up is a highly underrated task and is often taken for granted. It’s usually because most people think that after the dust has settled and the paint has dried, they need to mop the floors or do some dusting to make the site safe.

However, that’s not true. Three essential phases of post construction cleaning must be navigated and practiced to transform your current site into an inviting and pristine living space: rough cleaning, light cleaning, and touch cleaning.

Are you excited to know about each phase? Dig in for all the details.

What Is Post Construction Cleaning Anyways?

Whether you have recently constructed your house or are a contractor who has just finished a construction project, know that post-construction cleanup is a vital step. As the name implies, it involves cleaning the entire site after construction to convert it into a safe and livable space. 

But why is there a need to clean a place after its construction?

Here are some reasons:

  • If you are expecting your home or room to look spiky and span right after being constructed, you may need to be corrected. These projects usually produce a lot of debris, including sawdust, paint stains, and other waste materials. Such things are hazardous for your safety and can harm your children and pets if they aren’t tackled on time. 

This is why a post-construction cleanup is necessary to keep the constructed space free and secure from damage. 

  • You must have seen a contractor using chemicals such as paint and adhesives for your construction project. These substances are dangerous; therefore, you can’t afford to have them in your house. To eliminate them, a thorough cleaning is necessary. 
  • Why would anyone prefer living in a space that smells of paint, polish, and other chemicals? To eliminate all these unwanted post-construction odors, you should get the area deep cleaned to look as perfect as you want. 

A few things must be achieved in a post construction cleaning task. For instance, all the walls should be cleaned appropriately without paint marks and smudges. If there is a plastic sticker on the furniture, curtains, or doors, ensure to remove it after the project ends. 

Other jobs performed during a post construction cleaning session may include the following: 

  • Power washing of frames and windows
  • Detailed dusting of fans and lights
  • Polishing of floors
  • Vacuum cleaning
  • Threshold cleaning
  • Disposal of debris and trash
  • Thorough cleaning of appliances from inside out
  • Trim cleaning
  • Scraping
  • Cleaning tile joints
  • Wet floor cleaning


How to clean up after repair in the most profitable way for you?


3 Phases of Post Construction Cleaning-What Are These?

All the cleaning requirements mentioned above are performed separately. They are achieved in three phases, giving each task the maximum importance it deserves. 

#1 – Rough Cleaning

This is the first stage of post-construction cleaning and involves the removal of debris and dust. During this stage, the cleaners clean the place with basic tools after inspecting every nook and corner. 

The rough cleaning stage always occurs after your contractor has finished dealing with the required plumbing, electrical, and installation tasks.  

It all starts with removing the large items that one cannot vacuum. These things usually contain leftover wires, debris, and trash. 

Once that’s done, the professionals perform general vacuuming and sweeping. From cleaning the sliding doors to tackling the windows, the hired cleaners ensure they do not leave any spot untouched. They also remove any stickers placed to keep your furniture and other belongings safe. 

#2 -Light Cleaning

After rough cleaning, all professional cleaners move to the light cleaning phase. Contrary to the title, this stage demands the most attention. It also takes longer to complete and needs advanced tools and equipment for a perfect job. 

The professionals try to cover the kitchen and bedroom areas in detail. They also thoroughly clean the cabinets, windows, toilets, and sinks with good-quality products and equipment. 

Besides, the areas with removed stickers, such as glass windows and doors, are also given extra attention. 

Many people who hire professionals for post-construction usually do it for this phase. It is challenging for any layperson with limited products, time, and tools to do light cleaning themselves. 

This is why taking professional cleaning services on board is always a great idea. 

#3 – Touch Up Cleaning

We have finally reached the third stage of 3 phases of post construction cleaning, fashionably titled “Touch-up Cleaning”. So, what should you expect at this phase?

Professionals perform touch-up cleaning almost five to seven days after light cleaning. This period gives them enough time to find the correct areas where the dust is mostly found. As a result, they put their maximum efforts into those places to create your desired level of cleanliness. 

Most things that cleaners cater to are smudges, fingerprints, or dust particles that might be found in certain places. 

Most cleaners also run their vacuum cleaner on carpets, mop the floors one last time, and ensure you tidy up your garage. 

Simply put, this stage is designed to give all the final touches to your constructed site. The experts inspect every nook and corner for imperfections before finishing their work. 

If you opt for high-quality post-construction cleaning services, practice patience, as it may take some time to produce satisfactory results. Many of you may think about doing the job yourself with the help of a few close friends. 

However, that isn’t recommended at all. Below are some reasons to convince you to hire professional cleaners. 

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Why Contact Cleaning Services After Construction?

The 3 phases of post construction cleaning isn’t a day’s job. It requires lots of time and technique. Therefore, a cleaning service like this must only be performed by experts. 

Here are more reasons to hire a professional team. 

  • Since professional cleaners have all the required tools to deal with paint, garbage, and chemicals, they perform this detailed form of cleaning perfectly. You don’t have to worry about dealing with left-out stains or trash when you have them on board. 
  • Cleaning services have cleaners with a long experience in post-construction cleaning. This makes it easy for them to perform their job within a deadline. 
  • It is best to let the experts handle the job so you avoid health hazards such as breathing problems when dealing with chemicals. 
  • A good cleaning service provider doesn’t waste anyone’s time. They perform inspections and complete their job as soon as possible. This makes it easy for you to get into your new house on your desired date. 


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What Should You Consider When Picking a Team for the 3 Phases of Post Construction Cleaning?

Now that you understand the importance of the 3 phases of post construction cleaning and the decision to get a team of professionals for this task, look for experts to help you achieve your cleaning goals effortlessly. 

However, before you pick a service provider, consider evaluating these factors to make a perfect choice. 

  • Budget: Make sure you have a budget available for this service. This means you must know how much you will pay your cleaners for a complete post-construction cleaning. You might have to shortlist companies with low rates if you have a tight budget.
  • Location: Before contacting a team, visit their official website and confirm the locations they serve. This is an important factor because if your newly constructed house or office doesn’t fall in the same area, you may have to pay the team extra for their services.
  • Expertise: To stay on the safe side and avoid disappointments, we suggest contacting teams with more than two years of experience. Post-construction cleanup isn’t a job for amateur cleaners. It demands lots of expertise to reap great results. 
  • Services: You must look into all the services your preferred cleaners offer during post-construction cleaning. You may look for other options if those services need to be better or more. 
  • Team: Finally, opt for a service provider that gives you a team with a sufficient number of qualified members.

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Get Your Post-Construction Cleaning Services With the Best Cleaners in your Area

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