Why do we sometimes need the professional help of maid service Brooklyn? There are some people for whom cleaning of apartments is like meditation and a good way to calm down and relax. But our Brooklyn cleaners haven’t met such people yet.  Mostly, cleaning is considered to be a boring and annoying activity that takes all precious time and leisure hours. Who wasn’t in this situation: you planned to spend on cleaning a couple of hours, but in the evening you found yourself among the pile of different stuff? In order to help you avoid unnecessary hassle and save your free time for favorite activities, the maid service Brooklyn specialists shared some tips for cleaning more quickly and efficiently.

#1 Cleaning from top to bottom

This means that in any room in the apartment, whether it is a kitchen or bathroom, you should start cleaning with washing and cleaning of the upper surfaces. Our experts in maid service Brooklyn recommend leaving the floor for the end. Even wet cleaning of different surfaces should be carried out before you begin washing the floor.

#2 Follow a “route” of cleaning and define the zones that should be cleaned

If you do not want to spend the whole weekend sitting on the dirty floor and sorting out clothes, determine what you are going to clean today in advance. Get rid of the dust on surfaces and furniture, wash the floor and tidy up the kitchen.  And, for example, leave the cleaning of the wardrobes, closets, and table for the next time. Remember that you will not finish anything if you try to do too much at the same time. Clean one zone, then another. Finish cleaning in the bedroom, then moves into the kitchen, for example. This is what the workers of maid service Brooklyn do while cleaning apartments. And it will help you avoid unnecessary running with a vacuum cleaner and a mop across the rooms. 

#3 Indicators of dirt and mess

Even if you follow the “10 minutes of daily cleaning” rule, there are still some items in the house that are the first to catch your eye and they can signal about the mess. This is a kitchen stove, metal surfaces, and a bathroom mirror, for example. They should be cleaned first.

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#4 More space for your house

Feel free to get rid of bottles, small objects and unnecessary decor that allegedly decorate the interior. In fact, they only collect dust and create an unpleasant feeling of that room is in a mess. 

#5 Tricks with the floor

After getting rid of dust and small debris on the upper surfaces, it’s time to wash the floor.  And to in order to accelerate this process, remove from the floor all small objects (shoes, toys, boxes).  And in order to keep the floor clean throughout the house, sweep it more often in the areas of the greatest contamination (the mat near the front door or the place near the trash bin in the kitchen).  Also, wipe the floor near the front door. It will take a couple of minutes, but the garbage will not be carried throughout the apartment.  

But if the mad rhythm of life and constant work don’t allow you to do even these tricks, you can always call our maid service Brooklyn or book cleaning service Online.