Green commercial cleaning services

Clean your office and take care of both your health and the planet Choose our Green commercial cleaning service!

One of the most precious and essential things in the life of any person is undoubtedly good health. Nowadays, many negative factors have a terrible effect on our general condition and health.

Among those factors, there are, for example, lousy ecology, not very proper nutrition, bad habits, etc. All these criteria lead to frequent illnesses and allergies. Also, household chemicals harm our health. The smallest particles of harmful surface cleaners fly in the air and accumulate in the lungs. And as a result, they can even provoke asthma.

But how to deal with dust and dirt?

To protect yourself and your employees in the office, you can order unique green commercial cleaning services.

General cleaning using only ecological products and steam generators is the safest way to keep your home clean without harming your health. This method has many positive reviews and is gaining more and more popularity among people who are not indifferent to ecology and well-being!

Scientists have proven that harsh chemicals for cleaning premises can harm human health and the environment. Therefore, in recent years, green commercial cleaning services have become increasingly popular, implying safe detergents and technologies. This type of cleaning is an ideal solution if your office employees have allergies and care about your health.

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What are green commercial cleaning services? 

Eco-cleaning is a response to the harmful chemicals and detergents most commonly used in cleaning. Ecological cleaning means that only high-quality cleaning agents are used in work, which is safe for pregnant women and children.


This type of cleaning involves the use of only natural, environmentally friendly cleaning detergents. Also, for this procedure, professionals select the equipment very carefully because it should minimize toxicity and the consumption of natural resources. The use of special filters for vacuum cleaners reduces the amount of dust in the air. Such cleaning is relevant even after repair and construction work. In addition, special microfiber napkins perfectly clean surfaces without chemicals. Eco-cleaning is the safest procedure, which aims not only to create cleanliness in the premises but also to maintain the health of the inhabitants or office workers.

When do I need to order eco cleaning? 

There is a need for green commercial cleaning services if people suffering from allergies live or work in the apartment; babies and the elderly are susceptible to chemicals.

Therefore, families with children should prefer only eco-friendly cleaning; because it is crucial to bring a newborn or toddler to a clean and environmentally friendly home.

But most often people order green cleaning services not for residential premises, but for offices where employees spend 7-12 hours.


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Special features of green commercial cleaning 

For steam cleaning, cleaning professionals use special steam generators. The price of such equipment is very high, so there is no point in purchasing professional cleaning machines for your use.

Steam heated to very high temperatures perfectly removes almost any dirt and has a disinfectant effect. Also, this method is suitable for high-quality cleaning of hard-to-reach places such as hoods, ovens, tile joints, and heating radiators. This method is ideal for almost any premise. In the bathroom, this is the way of removing the fungus and plaque. In the kitchen, it dissolves fat. Cleaning workers also perform steam cleaning and cleaning of upholstered furniture. The procedure can be an excellent alternative to classic dry cleaning.

How much do green commercial cleaning services cost in New York? 

Many people are not even interested in how much such services can cost, initially considering it very expensive. But this is a misconception. Usually, cleaning companies estimate such cleaning as only 50% higher than the cost of a standard cleaning. Our company offers green commercial cleaning services at a very moderate price. In addition, you can also order eco-dry cleaning of upholstered furniture.

We work very efficiently. Pleasant prices and promotions will allow you to enjoy high-quality services with minimal costs! Also, you can contribute to solving environmental issues by ordering these eco-friendly services.

It is very problematic to carry out eco-cleaning on your own because it requires the availability of special detergents and expensive equipment. Our cleaning company offers its services in Manhattan and other areas of New York. Each client can count on an individual approach and reasonable cost. Our specialists work quickly, efficiently, and inexpensively. We clean offices so that you can work in the most comfortable conditions!
You can see how much our services cost here on the website. Here you can also get acquainted with the reviews of our customers, which will help to form your own opinion.

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Benefits of commercial green cleaning services 

This service has a large number of advantages, namely:

  •  a team of professionals in their work uses only environmentally friendly resources; 
  •  the price of these services is available to everyone;
  •  there will be clean and pleasant air in the apartment or office; 
  •  eco cleaning products will cope with all kinds of dirt; 
  •  it is possible to choose the additional humidification service if you suffer from allergies or asthma. 

These are the main advantages of green cleaning, which need to be taken into consideration. 

The process of commercial green cleaning 

An employee of the company draws up a list for the client, in which he or she prescribes what needs to be cleaned & coordinates the right time for the client.

After all this, a team of professionals with modern equipment will come to you. This is a cleaning in which only safe and high-quality cleaning agents are used.

After ecological cleaning, the office shines with cleanliness and has a pleasant scent. With the help of green cleaning services, you can get rid of household dust, dust mites, and other types of allergens. The air and furniture will be clean, especially in hard-to-reach places. To carry out such cleaning, cleaning companies use special eco-chemicals (the latest ecological cleaning products) and modern equipment.

What do green commercial cleaning services include?


The range of ecological cleaning services includes: 

  • eco cleaning of all surfaces in premises for various purposes, 
  • cleaning of upholstered furniture, 
  • cleaning marble and granite 
  • dry vacuuming 
  • dust removal in all parts of the room, including in hard-to-reach places
  • garbage removal, replacement of the garbage bags 
  • wet cleaning of skirting boards and external surfaces of furniture
  • cleaning of leather furniture with special eco cleaning agents


  • cleaning of the bath
  • removal of plaque and other types of mold
  • cleaning and disinfection of plumbing


  • washing the stove, removing fat
  • cleaning the refrigerator
  • dust removal
  • passing the outdoor kitchen set
  • eliminating dust from kitchen appliances and much more. 


In addition, if necessary, we carry out eco-cleaning and air ionization. We select the cleaning method and the type of detergent depending on the type of material and surface. Our cleaners do most of the work using a steam generator that can effectively wet or dry clean surfaces without damaging their integrity. 

Preparation of cleaning tools and detergents - post construction cleaning

Our company provides professional commercial cleaning services with the use of hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly detergents. Experienced employees of our company will carry out ecological cleaning of any complexity and volume in the shortest possible time. This can be both daily and general eco-cleaning of office premises. In our work, we use modern equipment to effectively deal with various types of contamination, including grease, old stains, mold traces, and much more. 


Sunlight cleaning company offers quality services to its customers and has the following advantages: 


  • reliability and quality
  • only high-quality equipment and ecological cleaning products are used
  • only professionals work here
  • affordable prices


Highly recommend Sunlight Cleaning Service – easy scheduling through the online booking system, Iryna and her team are always on time or in close communication, and results are excellent. Thank you!

Roxanne Kelley

What an amazing job. We asked Sunlight Cleaning for the deep clean. Needless to say, EVERYTHING was cleaned – I mean every single thing. We had a white shower with black gross grout and they turned it brand new. I had tried to before. They must have some tricks because they destroyed the mess! Will use again no question. Worth the money. I can recommend Sunlight Cleaning, Good Job!

Justin Stone

would like to thank Sunlight Cleaning for the excellent job cleaning our apartment. It puts a smile on my face when I can come home and see the fine job that they did. Their service helps me so much and I am very grateful. They have a great attention to detail. I like that they use natural cleaning products and I have never noticed any harsh chemical smells. Thank you!

Madison Wilson

Questions and answers about green commercial cleaning services

Why are green services better than general cleaning?

Green cleaning is safer than general cleaning. It’s 100% hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly.

Is the price for green commercial cleaning services higher than for any other type of cleaning?

Yes. The environmentally safe cleaning equipment and green detergents used for this service are more expensive than regular chemicals. So the prices are usually 30% higher.

How much does a green commercial cleaning service cost?

Everything depends on the square footage and should be calculated individually. But the general formula is the following: the price of the regular cleaning (if the area is under 1000 sq ft) + an additional $50. Contact our consultants via phone below for more details and personal calculation of the price.

Why is it a good option for offices?

A green commercial cleaning service helps create a healthy hypoallergenic environment in the office that can improve the general productivity of the workers. Also, with the help of regular green cleaning, you will maintain good health and mood among employees.

Is green cleaning more complex than the regular one?

The process of this type of cleaning is mainly the same in comparison with the other types. Still, it demands more expensive equipment and more qualified workers.

Do not hesitate to order a green commercial cleaning service and enjoy the new level’s cleanliness and save the environment from contamination.