Before moving into a new home, it is essential to clean it thoroughly. Our helpful tips will help you clean your new home quickly and efficiently.

how to clean an apartment before move in

Why it is essential to clean a new home before moving in?

Do apartments get cleaned before moving in? Before you move into your new home and move all your belongings there, it is advisable to clean all premises. Dust and debris may remain in unexpected places in a newly built house. Also, there will likely be dirt and activity traces from previous owners in an old house or apartment. During the cleaning process, you may find some things that need to be repaired or replaced. 

When you move in, it is essential that you feel like the new apartment or house is your home. That’s why we want to get rid of reminders of previous inhabitants who used to live there before you. Stale odors, dirt, cobwebs, and dust should be gone by moving your things into your new home. So, cleaning the apartment before moving in is where you should start.

If you decide to clean your new home, take advantage of our tips on how to clean an apartment before moving in below.


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General principles of how to clean an apartment before moving in.

Here’s how to approach cleaning your new home. There are two main principles:

  • Clean everything before moving in and unpacking your luggage 
  • From top to bottom, thoroughly clean your new home.

Although the etiquette says that the previous owners should clean the house or apartment themselves before moving out, often, this work is not done to the end. If it is your case, you must remove the previous tenants’ traces before moving things. Cleaning will be more challenging when you already live in the new house.

You don’t want dust and dirt to settle on freshly polished hardwood floors, do you?

When cleaning, start at the top and work your way to the bottom. First, remove the cobwebs and dust from the corners of the top with a mop or brush, then from the walls, fireplace, and other surfaces, and finally, sweep it off the floor.

Also, there are two essential rules you should remember when thinking about how to clean an apartment before moving in properly.

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1) Clean those parts of your house that you are unlikely to clean again soon.

How many times have you washed the walls in a new house? When you move in, focus on cleaning the areas you will not likely clean again anytime soon. Thus, you will achieve the desired cleanliness and a pleasant atmosphere of novelty. So how to clean an apartment before moving in, and what do you need to clean up? Here’s the list:

  • Walls;
  • The back side of the retractable devices;
  • Internal parts of cabinets;
  • Skirting boards and moldings;
  • Hoods and fans;
  • Batteries;
  • Garbage containers;
  • Basement and attic.

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2) Clean surfaces that you will frequently touch.

It’s hard to feel at home if someone else’s dirt catches your eye! Traces from previous residents are mainly found on those objects and surfaces that were often touched. Finish a thorough cleaning by washing the following areas and items:

  • Appliances left after the previous owners (stove, oven, refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, and washing machine);
  • Toilet, bath, shower, and sink;
  • Doorknobs;
  • Switches and other buttons.

When your new home is sparkling clean, you can move things around and feel truly at home!

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What exactly should you clean before moving in? A guide to the general cleaning before moving in

The best time to clean your new home is before you move in.

Pay special attention to cleaning before moving into apartment, especially those parts of the house that will be out of reach after moving and bringing in furniture.

Also, pay attention to the areas that you frequently come into contact with.

The first thing you probably do when you move into a new house or apartment is to start cleaning everything thoroughly.

And it is better to do it before you move in. Seize the moment while your luggage is not yet unpacked.

Here is a list of quick cleaning suggestions for your new apartment when you move in.

  • Start cleaning from top to bottom.

It is best to start cleaning each room from top to bottom (ceiling to floor). Start with corners on the roof and chandeliers or ceiling lights (they collect a lot of dust). Next, go to the walls, plinths, and the floor.

  • Clean up in the direction of the door.

Start cleaning new apartment before moving in from the farthest point from the entrance, especially regarding floors.

  • Take a good look at the closets and shelves.

  • Replace the toilet seat.

Do yourself a favor – put a new seat on the toilet.

  • Disinfect the bathtub.

Use a detergent and a sponge to clean the tub or shower, but you’ll likely need a harsher detergent to deal with the stains.

  • Clean kitchen utensils and appliances well.

Wash the microwave (inside and out), then wash the fridge and stove.

  • Wash the floor.

  • Disinfect your home from germs.

Take the time to learn how to disinfect an apartment before moving. Then do carry out the disinfection of everything you constantly touch: countertops, handles, buttons, locks.

  • Do not forget about kitchen cabinets.

  • Wash the plinth.

The plinth is often ignored when cleaning new apartment before moving in, and dust and dirt gather on it, especially in the kitchen.

And now, let’s look at each stage of how to deep clean an apartment before moving in in more detail.

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Detailed checklist on how to clean an apartment before moving in


Cleaning the kitchen comes first. And that’s not only because of all that oily and stinky stuff but also because you’ll want to eliminate any lingering odors from the previous homeowners. A kitchen is where you and your family will spend a significant part of your time. Thoroughly wash and tidy up the kitchen, so your family feels at home in a new place.


You will most likely need cleaning supplies for this stage. Make sure you use brushes and sponges that won’t scratch the surface. Soak metal trays and racks in a sink or bathtub full of hot, soapy water while you clean the rest of the stove.


An oven is an essential thing that you shouldn’t ignore when you think about how to clean an apartment before moving in. If possible, clean the sides and the oven’s front panel.


Even if the refrigerator looks clean, it is better to rewash it. Clean the interior walls and shelves by removing all inner parts and washing them separately in the sink or bathroom. A solution of vinegar and water works great as a food-safe all-purpose cleaner.


Use a soft cloth, as anything more solid will scratch the surface. Move the refrigerator away from the wall and wipe the back, then the top and sides. Dust and dirt also collect on the handles and the rubber seal that closes the door. So, don’t forget about these things if you wonder how to clean an apartment before moving in.

Kitchen cabinets

Gently wipe the inside of the cabinets. Then clean the tops of the cabinets and doors. Use special detergents suitable for wood or mild soaps if you have a wooden surface. For greasy stains, use baking soda and water. But at the same time, we recommend using household cleaning products in sporadic cases, and it is better to entrust such a cleaning an apartment before moving in to professionals. 

Do not forget to tidy up the inner drawers and clean the handles. Clean the gaps between the kitchen cabinets with a spatula. It is easy to remove the remnants of garbage.


Use unique means for cleaning the sink. Spray the cleaning solution onto the sink and let it soak in for a while, then rinse and wipe thoroughly. Wipe the walls with a damp towel or cloth.


If you are moving into a house or apartment with carpeting, consider having your carpets dry-cleaned professionally. If this is not possible at this moment, then thoroughly vacuum everything. Also, if the previous house owners had pets, you can’t get by with just one vacuum cleaner. Use a regular broom for wooden or other types of floors.


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Suppose you don’t have time or don’t know how to clean an apartment before moving in correctly. In that case, it is best to entrust the cleaning an apartment before moving in to professionals. Move-in cleaning is a general cleaning service that is not challenging for experienced cleaners. You can find more detailed information about the company and our services on the website. Call us or contact us if you have any questions regarding move-in cleaning.

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