Post-construction cleaning can be a daunting task. After months of construction work, your home or office space is finally ready, but now it’s covered in dust and debris. To help you tackle this overwhelming job, we’ve put together the ultimate post-construction cleaning checklist. With this guide, you’ll clearly understand what needs to be done and how to do it efficiently.

So, construction is finally done on your project?

That’s fantastic. Hopefully, it went very well and came in under budget.

However, just because construction is done doesn’t mean that the job is over. Once construction is over with, it’s time for post-construction cleaning.

Post-construction cleaning is absolutely critical for making sure that the building is safe, clean, and ready for tenants.

Getting Started

Before diving into cleaning with the help of a post construction cleaning checklist, it’s crucial to assess the situation. Take a walk through the space and make a note of any areas that require extra attention. Identify any potential hazards, such as exposed nails or sharp edges. Ensure that any electrical outlets or light fixtures work correctly before cleaning them.


Post construction cleaning checklist requires precision. It’s important to clean every nook and cranny of the space to ensure it’s safe and ready for use. Use the right tools for the job, including microfiber cloths, vacuum cleaners, and mop heads. Avoid harsh chemicals, which can damage surfaces or cause health hazards. Instead, use water, vinegar, and baking soda for a safe and effective cleaning solution.


Efficiency is critical when it comes to post-construction cleaning. To save time and effort, start with the areas that require the most attention. It includes spaces that generate the most dust and debris, such as the floors and walls. Next, work from the top down, starting with the ceilings and light fixtures and moving down to the baseboards and floors.


Post construction cleaning checklist involves cleaning multiple areas of the space. These areas include:

  1. Floors – Sweep or vacuum up any debris, then mop with a mild detergent solution.
  2. Walls – Use a soft-bristled brush or vacuum cleaner attachment to remove dust or debris. Wipe down the walls with a damp cloth to remove any remaining dirt.
  3. Ceilings – Use a duster or vacuum cleaner attachment to remove any cobwebs or dust.
  4. Windows – Clean the windows with a window cleaner solution and a squeegee or microfiber cloth.


Dust is one of the most common issues in post-construction cleaning. Dust settles on every surface, including floors, walls, and ceilings. Use a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter or a microfiber cloth to remove dust effectively. Avoid using feather dusters, as they can move dust around.


Debris is another common issue in post-construction cleaning. This includes leftover construction materials like wood chips, sawdust, and nails. Use a broom and dustpan to sweep up any debris, then dispose of it in a garbage bag.


Paint can be a stubborn issue in post-construction cleaning. If the paint has dripped onto floors or walls, use a scraper or putty knife to remove it. For dried-on paint, use a paint remover solution or rubbing alcohol. Be sure to test any chemical solutions on a small, inconspicuous area first to ensure they won’t damage the surface.

Focus on specific premises.

Post-construction cleaning is essential in ensuring that your newly built or renovated space is clean, safe, and ready to use. However, this task can be overwhelming, especially if you need help figuring out where to start. To help you, we’ve put together the ultimate post renovation cleaning checklist with pieces of advice on cleaning different areas and surfaces.

The Kitchen cleaning when you do move in cleaning & post construction cleaning


The kitchen is one of the most important areas to clean thoroughly after construction. It includes all appliances, cabinets, and countertops. Use a mild detergent to wipe down surfaces, then rinse with water. Be sure to clean any exhaust fans or range hoods, as these can collect a lot of grease and dust.

  • Clean all appliances with a mild detergent solution, including the stove, refrigerator, and dishwasher.
  • Use a degreaser to clean the oven and range hood.
  • Wipe down cabinets and countertops with a disinfectant cleaner.
  • Clean the sink and faucet with a non-abrasive cleaner.
  • Remember to clean the backsplash and tiles behind the stove and sink.

the bathroom cleaning in the move in cleaning process & when you do post construction cleaning checklist


The bathroom is another crucial area to clean after construction. It includes the toilet, sink, shower, and bathtub. Use a disinfectant cleaner to kill any germs or bacteria. Also, clean any ventilation fans or exhaust vents, which can collect dust and debris.

  • Use a disinfectant cleaner to clean the toilet, bathtub, and shower.
  • Wipe down the sink and faucet with a non-abrasive cleaner.
  • Clean the mirrors and windows with a glass cleaner.
  • Remember to clean the grout between tiles with a grout cleaner.

cleaning the living room when you do post construction cleaning checklist

Living Rooms

The living room is where you spend the most time, so it’s essential to clean it thoroughly.

  • Start by removing any construction debris from the room, such as nails, screws, and wood chips.
  • Use a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter to remove dust from floors, walls, and ceilings. Be sure to vacuum corners and hard-to-reach areas.
  • Wipe down surfaces with a damp cloth or microfiber cloth, such as countertops, shelves, and windowsills.
  • Clean any light fixtures and ceiling fans with a soft-bristled brush or vacuum cleaner attachment.
  • Remember to clean the air ducts and vents to ensure good indoor air quality.

Detailed post construction cleaning checklist

Post-construction cleanups can be tricky. We made a post-construction cleaning checklist that explains everything you need to do to complete a post-construction cleanup job right.

Here is a post construction cleaning checklist with the top 28 items you must complete:


How to clean construction dust from walls and ceilings? | Cleaning walls

1. Clean walls and floors

  • Use a soft-bristled brush or vacuum cleaner attachment to remove dust or debris from walls.
  • Wipe down barriers with a damp cloth or sponge to remove any remaining dirt.
  • Use a mild detergent to clean any stains or marks on painted walls.
  • Sweep or vacuum up any debris from floors, then mop with a mild detergent solution.

Clean the rest of your glass surfaces with a glass cleaner as well

2. Wash Tiles, Glass, and Wooden Surfaces properly

  • Use a non-abrasive cleaner to clean tiles and grout.
  • Clean glass surfaces, such as windows and mirrors, with a glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth.
  • Use a wood cleaner and a soft cloth to remove dirt or stains on wooden surfaces.
  • Avoid harsh chemicals on surfaces, as they can damage or discolor them.
  • Always test any cleaning solution on a small, inconspicuous area first to ensure it won’t damage the surface.
  • Be sure to wear gloves and protective eyewear when using any cleaning products.


Vacuum all carpets - post-construction cleaning checklist

3. Vacuum all carpets

In order to make your carpet floors look their best, you need to vacuum them thoroughly.
Vacuuming carpets will remove any leftover debris from the construction job that landed on
the floor.


post renovation cleaning checklist second image

4. Dispose of all trash

It is common for there to be leftover trash at construction sites. This could be old coffee cups,
paint trays, plastic bags, construction debris, etc.

All this will have to be removed and disposed of in the proper ways.


Sponge countertops

5. Sponge countertops

Oftentimes, during construction projects, countertops will build up a layer of dust and grime.

In order to get them sparkling again, you should take a damp sponge and run it over the entire surface of the countertop.


Post-construction cleaning checklist:Mop hard floors

6. Mop hard floors

Just as carpeted floors need to be vacuumed, hard floors such as wood, tile, and bamboo should be mopped thoroughly.


Clean the windows after post construction

7. Clean the windows

You can do this with a product such as Windex and a paper towel. There are also organic window cleaning products available if you prefer natural options.

You want to clean the windows to the point where no handprints or streaks are visible on them. No post-construction cleaning checklist is complete without cleaning the windows.


Wipe the mirrors included into post-construction cleaning checklist

8. Wipe the mirrors

If a mirror is dirty, it gets noticed very quickly. This is because people look in them so frequently. So, make sure you wipe down the mirrors to eliminate any streaks or dirty spots.


Clean the windowsills

9. Clean the windowsills

Like countertops, windowsills are an area where a lot of dust and debris can accumulate.

You will need to dust these and wipe them down in order to properly remove all of the debris that can be found on them. Once you do this, they will look much better.


Dust the ceilings and ceiling fans

10. Dust the ceilings and ceiling fans

Your building will not reach its maximum level of beauty and cleanliness unless the ceilings and
ceiling fans are dusted.

Large amounts of dust tends to accumulate on ceiling fans, so pay special attention to this area.


exterior lights in NYC

11. Clean exterior lights

In addition to getting dirty as the result of being outside and exposed to the elements, exterior lights can build up dust and grime during construction projects.

So, do not forget to clean these during your post-construction cleanup.


remove paint

12. Remove paint from hinges

Sometimes, during the construction process, paint can get onto hinges. This is because the painter accidentally touches his or her paintbrush to the hinge. Usually, this paint is not cleaned off during the painting process, and sometimes it is forgotten.

So, make sure that you check all hinges to make sure there is not paint. If there is, then clean it off.


clean banisters

13. Dust all handrails and banisters

This includes both the top part and the poles that support the top part. Both areas have to be cleaned thoroughly in order to make the handrails and bannisters look their best. These are very important to clean considering the fact that they are often a key part of the beauty of the room.


Clean the toilets is one of post-construction cleaning tips

14. Clean the toilets

This is not necessarily the most fun part of the post-construction cleaning checklist.

However, it still has to be done. Clean toilets are important not only from an aesthetic point of view but also from a hygienic point of view.

Make sure you do not skimp on this cleaning job. It is very important.


remove plastic

15. Remove all packaging, tape, plastic, etc.

Oftentimes, during construction projects, there is a lot of leftover plastic, tape, packaging, and other materials that are left over when the job is done.

These materials come from new appliances, painters marking boundaries, new furniture, and other things.

Unfortunately, if these materials are left on the ground it creates a big mess. So, make sure that you track down every last piece of tape, plastic, and packaging and throw it away.


clean the doors

16. Clean and dust the tops and sides of doors

When a door is properly cleaned and dusted, it can look very beautiful and can help to improve
the overall look of the room.

So, make sure that cross this item off of your post-construction cleaning checklist by not neglecting the doors and giving them the proper cleaning attention
that they need. This is especially true if the doors are white.


Power wash the deck, driveway, and porch

17. Power wash the deck, driveway, and porch.

If you power wash the deck driveway, and porch, you can remove a layer of grime and dirt that you might not have even realized was there.

You will be amazed at how much better your deck,
driveway, and porch look after they are power washed. If you do not have a power washer, you
can rent one to get the job done.


Clean cabinets

18. Clean cabinets

When you are cleaning the kitchen, make sure that you take the time to wipe down the cabinets and remove any stains or debris that might have accumulated on them.

Cabinets help to add beauty to kitchens, so make sure that you clean your cabinets thoroughly so that they can shine and make your kitchen look great.


dust grates and vents cleaning - post-construction cleaning checklist tip

19. Dust grates and vents

Unfortunately, grates and vents are often not added to post-construction cleaning checklists.This means that you need to pay special attention to them and to give them a good dusting.

Without clean grates and vents, your rooms will never be completely clean. So a great post-
construction cleaning tip is to make sure that you don’t forget them.


Clean the inside of closets

20. Clean the inside of closets

Sometimes, during construction projects, workers will store trash, tools, or materials inside of closets.

Occasionally, these items get forgotten about. So, make sure that you go through the closets and remove any materials that shouldn’t be there.

You should also dust the inside of the closets and just give them a general cleaning. This will impress future tenants.


Wipe down the interior masonry

21. Wipe down the interior masonry

This is an essential item on your post-construction cleaning checklist. Interior masonry includes brick,
rock, and marble.

These types of surfaces often get a lot of dust and other types of particles on them. Make sure that you wipe them down thoroughly so that they are fully cleaned and not dirty.


Pick up any trash or debris on the lawn or surrounding grounds

22. Pick up any trash or debris on the lawn or surrounding grounds

Occasionally, construction workers leave trash and debris outside of the home. This material can be left behind after the workers leave the job.

You should walk around the outside of the building and check to see if any trash has been left behind. If it has, picks it up and throw it away.


Clean all appliances - post-construction cleaning checklist tip

23. Clean all appliances

This includes stoves, refrigerators, microwaves, coffee pots, toasters, and more.

Except for the fridge, make sure that all appliances are turned off when you are cleaning them. The last thing you want when you are completing your post-construction cleaning checklist is to get injured
because you accidentally touched a hot stove.


clean tables - one of 25 our post-construction cleaning tips

24. Wipe down tables and chairs.

If any tables and chairs have been put into the building following construction, then you should make sure to wipe them all down and get rid of any dust or debris that may have accumulated on them.


Add a welcome mat

25. Add a welcome mat

Adding a welcome mat to the front entrance of the building pr apartment not only adds character to the
building, but it gives people a place to wipe their shoes when they enter the space.

This can help to reduce the amount of dirt that reaches the floors and can reduce the amount of time you have to spend cleaning the floors in the future.


Diffuse essential oils into the air

26. Diffuse essential oils into the air.

Essential oils such as eucalyptus will not only help purify the air, but they can also make the space smell exceptionally good. Further, they can help to get rid of new paint smells or any other construction smells that are lingering on.


Empty all trash cans and recycling bins - post-construction cleaning checklist tip

27. Empty all trash cans and recycling bins

During construction projects, trash cans and recycling bins often get full from workers throwing away materials and trash in them. To complete your post-construction checklist, you need to make sure that you empty all of the trash cans and recycling bins that are on the site.

Only then will the building or apartment be entirely clean.

28. Patience is everything!

Finally, be patient and take your time. Post-construction cleaning can be time-consuming, but it’s essential for ensuring a clean and safe space.


Conclusion of our post-construction cleaning checklist

In conclusion, post-construction cleaning can be a daunting task. Still, you can get the job done efficiently and effectively with the right tools, products, techniques, and post-construction cleaning tips. Follow this ultimate post-construction cleaning checklist to ensure your newly built or renovated space is clean, safe, and ready to use.

If you’ve been searching for post-construction cleaning tips or post-renovation cleaning tips, then this checklist is exactly what you need.

After reading this post-construction cleaning checklist, you should now have all of the information that you need to clean the site in an optimal way.

However, you can also hire a cleaning company to assist you with this process.

If you are interested in hiring us to help you with your post-construction cleanup, or Post Renovation Cleaning in New York, you can book our service online or call us today at 212-920-5966.