For many people, the word “renovation” provokes some negative associations, such as significant expenses and a lot of problems and troubles with buying post construction cleaning supplies after the repair is completed. But it is possible to make cleaning easier and faster if you use proper supplies specially designed for this purpose. Furthermore, if you approach the problem wisely, then instead of, for example, washing the floor from dirt 3-4 times, you can deal with it in one go.

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You will need a list of post construction cleaning supplies and some helpful tips.

We will list post construction interior cleaning supplies that you may need during post-renovation cleaning. Before you start cleaning, you should prepare the following items:

  • Many garbage bags
  • solvent or white spirit
  • professional construction vacuum cleaners (available for rent).
  • Chemicals: for washing floors, glass, wooden surfaces, and plumbing.
  • Soft rags, mop, and bucket.
  • overalls and several pairs of rubber gloves 
  • stepladder
  • a lot of time, nerves, and efforts

So that cleaning does not turn into a real challenge for you, you need to know a few secrets:

  • You can only start wet cleaning after a vacuum cleaner has collected all the dust. Otherwise, there will be stains.
  • Tape marks can be removed with nail polish remover or glass cleaner.
  • Any solution that contains acid, such as vinegar, removes limescale pretty well. In turn, ordinary soda neutralizes the acid.
  • First, you need to remove the remnants of the mounting foam. Foam is notorious for sticking to any surface. It also applies to adhesive solutions and grouting between tiles. You should remove their residues immediately.
  • A concentrated soap solution will help to cope with greasy stains. 

post construction cleaning supplies and chemicals

What household chemicals do you need for cleaning after repairs?

Today, the choice of cleaning products and detergents is vast. In specialized stores, you can buy:

  • chemical means for removing traces of whitewash from any surfaces
  • a wide range of cleaners for tiles and any plumbing fixtures
  • detergents for cleaning tiles from grout
  • chemicals for removing old adhesive tape and stickers
  • polishes for all types of wooden surfaces, including laminate and parquet

Another issue is the fight against fine dust, which remains, for example, after grinding the seams between sheets of drywall. Such dust is ubiquitous, and it is challenging to remove it. An ordinary vacuum cleaner will not work because it can not filter out fine dust and can break. The way out of this situation is to rent a professional construction vacuum cleaner or order post-construction cleaning services from a professional cleaning company. Such a vacuum cleaner effectively copes with fine dust and larger construction debris.

When tidying up the bathroom or kitchen, you can use universal cleaning solutions that remove different types of dirt. Other chemical means are needed to clean dirt and restore the appearance of wooden surfaces, such as natural parquet, laminate, and linoleum. Also, remember chemicals that effectively deal with adhesive tape, rubber, paint, and ink traces on any surface. To clean and polish glass, you can buy some universal quality detergent. 

Equipment for cleaning construction dust

What equipment is needed for post-repair cleaning?

Any repair is accompanied by the appearance of large amount of debris and pollution, which must be disposed of. And in many cases, you can only do it with specialized post construction cleaning supplies and equipment. Professional cleaning equipment will help you cope with this work faster, easier, and more efficiently.

What all cleaning supplies do you need for post construction cleanup? Equipment that may be necessary during post-construction cleaning includes:

  • industrial vacuum cleaners
  • polishers
  • steam generators;
  • high-pressure washers
  • foam generators

In addition, this technique can be used not only during cleaning but also during the repair work itself, at intermediate stages.


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Tips for choosing proper post construction cleaning supplies and equipment

When choosing professional equipment for cleaning after repairs, you need to ensure that it is suitable for the type of work you need. Sometimes, it will be better to give preference to universal devices, and sometimes it is better to opt for highly specialized equipment.

Buying devices from well-known brands that have been performing well for many years is essential. Refrain from being tempted by cheap models: they are not only short-lived. Still, they often need to provide better quality work performed.

There is an important nuance: you must consider suitable post construction interior cleaning supplies and the appropriate chemicals. For example, cleaning after construction or repair requires professional detergents. Unfortunately, simple household detergents cannot permanently remove difficult stains, even when using industrial equipment. Therefore, it is worthwhile to purchase the appropriate means before cleaning, even though they do not have a low price.


Post Construction Cleaning Scope of Work & Tools

How professional post construction cleaning tools differ from ordinary household equipment?

Usually, professional cleaning devices are different from household appliances that you use at home. The purpose of industrial cleaning equipment is to cope with heavy pollution during construction and renovation. And the main difference between such devices is their power.

If we are talking about vacuum cleaners, home devices have an average power of 1000 W. However, some semi-professional models can have even higher capacity. However, the power of industrial machines can exceed 3000 W, depending on the model and application. The same applies to other devices, such as steam cleaners.

Another critical difference is the dimensions of the devices. Industrial equipment is characterized by large sizes: large garbage collection tanks, heavy engines, complex structures, etc. All these characteristics help make it possible to clean up quickly after construction and repair.

On the other hand, professional cleaning units have fewer options and are more highly specialized. For example, vacuum cleaners do not have additional nozzles, filters, exceptionally stylish designs, and compactness.


How to clean up after repair in the most profitable way for you?

How to clean up after repair in the most profitable way for you?

Only cleaning companies may need professional cleaning equipment on an ongoing basis. In other cases, it is required only from time to time.

At the same time, the cost of such devices can be pretty high, and cleaning without this specialized equipment will be problematic. In such cases, renting the necessary equipment or ordering professional cleaning is the best solution.

Renting is perfect in the following cases:

  • it would help if you cleaned up your premises after repairs
  • for construction teams to clean up before handing over the object
  • if it is necessary to eliminate severe pollution in commercial premises
  • in case of a breakdown of your cleaning equipment
  • when you need to use more devices than there are available
  • when you need instruments with more power and additional characteristics

As a result, renting post construction cleaning supplies is a good option if we are talking about ordinary people, small construction teams, or private individuals providing cleaning services. Thus, you can save a lot of money and, at the same time, get the job done efficiently and quickly. But there is one important caveat: you must spend a lot of time.

On the other hand, even professional cleaning companies may need to rent post construction cleaning supplies when post construction cleaning tools break down, or the workers need to use many units. But if you order cleaning services, you will be okay with equipment breakdowns, rent, and other nuances of post-construction cleaning. Advantageously, collecting post-repair cleaning allows you not to worry about the maintenance of equipment and its repair.

How to clean construction dust professionally? Cost of cleaning services (professional post construction cleaning team)

Professional assistance with post-renovation cleaning

As it was already mentioned, post-construction cleaning is a pretty exhausting task. It is challenging for one person to cope with such work. In addition, you need at least two assistants who are well aware of the cleaning technology. Therefore, it is always better to turn to specialists.

Cleaning company employees perform the following range of tasks:

  • collection of construction waste (cleaning up the remains of bricks, wallpaper, and packaging from building materials);
  • dust removal (removing dust residues from various surfaces using a powerful vacuum cleaner, airing the room);
  • removal of traces of building materials (eliminating the remnants of paint, glue, putty, and varnishes without damaging surfaces);
  • Standard general cleaning of the rooms (after all the repair consequences are eliminated, the premises are prepared for living in them).

There are many offers on the cleaning market today, but true professionals are always valuable. By contacting the specialists of our cleaning company, you will receive the following:

  • professional cleaning at a reasonable price
  • responsible approach
  • careful treatment of the furniture and property of the customer

We can handle the cleaning of any type and level of complexity. In addition, the company’s pricing policy is as transparent as possible – we reasonably explain the cost of our services and never change the price after it has been agreed with the client.

To maintain the mood after the renovation is done and save your nerves and personal time, use the services of a professional cleaning company. Experienced workers will quickly put your house in order. Cleaning an apartment or home will be done promptly and with safe disinfectants and professional post construction cleaning supplies.

You can always turn to professionals for help and save time and effort! Order post-construction cleaning services online by Sunlight Cleaning NY & get your discount! 

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