Any new building or room where there was a post construction cleanup usually looks almost perfect. Only the need to remove construction waste spoils this general atmosphere of cleanliness.

The construction remnants can be in the form of all kinds of stains. For example, it can be glue, cement mixtures and compounds, whitewash, paint, heavy construction dust, and a great variety of other production waste. 

Post construction cleanup starts… before renovation itself

Repair work is always associated with a lot of dirt. The construction team does not always help clean the apartments after renovation. To solve the problem, you should contact a cleaning company. Pay attention to some details when cleaning the premises.


Before renovation 

Try to protect the surfaces as much as possible. Put small items in plastic bags—cover furniture and bulky interior items with foil. Also, cover the floor, protect window and door glass, remove the chandelier or cover it. 


During renovations 

The general rule is to clean up every day and remove the large debris and garbage as it accumulates. If possible, remove dirt as soon as possible after completing each type of work. This simple action may seem excessive to you. Still, you will remember this advice with gratitude more than once when cleaning the apartment after the renovation. And you will not regret spending a little time on it. 


After the completion of the renovation 

Depending on the scale of the renovation and the preliminary preparations for it, post-repair cleaning may include different types of work. Follow the advice on renovating your apartment and are not too lazy to clean up during the renovation work. It will be much easier to tidy up the premises.

 In any case, you need: 

  • First, collect and remove all large and medium construction waste, remove dirt from all surfaces. 
  • Vacuum the entire room (including walls and ceiling) to remove construction dust. It is better to do this using a special filter for cleaning construction waste, which you can even make yourself). 
  • Clean the bathroom and the kitchen: wash the tiles, plumbing fixtures, mixers, cupboards, washing machine, refrigerator, and other appliances. Wipe down mirrors and other glass surfaces. 
  • Do the cleaning of windows, doors, radiators, lights, hoods, baseboards, and floors. 
  • If there are carpets, furniture, and other objects in the room, you should clean them with a vacuum cleaner from dust and, if possible, wipe them with a damp cloth. Vacuum the upholstered furniture outside and inside, and do not forget about the internal surfaces. Wipe the doors and shelves of cabinets, nightstands, stands on the wall, and, if possible, their back walls. Process everything waterproof with a damp cloth. Use a dry cloth for the items for which moisture is dangerous. 
  • Polish furniture, rub the floor with mastic, or remove scratches on the laminate. Then wipe paintings, appliances, and interior items with unique care products.

The only thing that remains is to put small items of furniture back in their places.  

Post construction cleanup procedure

Many people have difficulties with starting to clean the house after the builders. A lot of dust and debris can ruin the whole mood. Don’t panic. It is essential to follow the order of task performance. The process includes several necessary steps described below. 


Garbage disposal 

It would help if you got rid of all the dirt to make your apartment home. Cleaning the premises after renovation includes the following steps: 

  •  small and large leftovers of building materials 
  •  cans, pieces of plastic, used cylinders, and bags 
  •  unused materials
  •  disposable items for repair works 


To get rid of the trash, you can use the services of specialized organizations that deal with garbage collection. Movers will come, pick up unnecessary items, and take them to a special landfill. 


Cleaning services 

 The services of the cleaning company include the following steps: 

  •  cleaning window and door openings; 
  •  dusting out; 
  •  washing all floor coverings; 
  •  thoroughly cleaning the floor. 


After completing these steps, you can move into the room. To save your time, you should contact specialists who will help you avoid some common mistakes.


Furniture care 

Even if you covered upholstered furniture during renovation, the minor dust still clogs it. Proper cleaning of upholstered furniture is not an easy task. Each type of surface requires a particular approach and adequate cleaning. Otherwise, you may damage the item. 


Pay attention to the carpet. During repairs, it is useless for a long time and accumulates dust. Complex cleaning of carpets is possible only with the use of special detergents. To avoid spoiling the settlement in the renovated apartment, you should entrust all these troubles to specialists from the cleaning company. 

Nuances of post construction cleanup

Due to their specificity, post construction pollution requires the use of special post construction cleaning tools and compounds. It means that you risk causing irreparable damage to new coatings by trying to do such cleaning on your own. For this reason, it is worth entrusting such cleaning to a professional cleaning company, the specialists of which have sufficient experience to avoid all pitfalls in the cleaning process. 


By the way, when ordering cleaning services, it is crucial to consider the following nuances: 

  • The scope of work is usually formed based on the wishes of the clients. 
  • The exact cost of cleaning work usually depends on the degree of pollution of the premises and its area. 
  • The cleaning process will significantly accelerate if you call our cleaning specialist before starting cleaning works. He will not only assess the amount of work but also advise you on all issues.


The last point is critical, as it will allow specialists to “arm” with all the necessary post construction cleaning tools in advance. Because without a preliminary inspection, it is impossible to determine what work you need to do. 

For example, you may need a rotary machine to remove dried paint and glue residues, varnish, or putty. While it is better to use a steam generator for dirt in hard-to-reach places (radiators, ventilation grilles, etc.). 

You may also need special tools for cleaning non-standard glazing. It also happens that in the process of repair, oversized furniture or carpets remain in place and absorb construction dust. The only variant of saving these interior elements can be preserved only with the help of a deep apparatus dry cleaning. 

Suppose not only high-quality but also the fastest post-repair and post-construction cleaning are essential for you. In that case, it is worth considering all the above-described nuances in advance. Professionals will take care of the rest of things. 

Why is it dangerous to do post construction cleanup on your own?

After completion of construction and repair work, the room becomes unusually cozy. But not immediately. It happens only after performing a thorough cleaning. After renovation, a lot of debris remains in the apartment and stains, streaks, and dust in the air. To clean all those residues requires special tools, appropriate skills, and a lot of free time. And the owners of the premises usually have only enthusiasm and willingness to do everything quickly.


In addition, cleaning apartments after renovation is dangerous for untrained people. A sloppy approach leads to serious health problems. There can be damage to the skin, problems with the respiratory system, minor household injuries, etc. So without the necessary skills, it is better not to approach the place of repair at all. Ideally, only professionals should do such a cleaning. 


Post construction clean up with your own hands: the danger of the solution


We discussed The main disadvantages of cleaning on your own above. But a simple warning is seldom enough. Therefore, we will consider the issue in more detail.

The first danger is garbage collection. In the process of cleaning debris, hands are constantly in contact with solid and loose materials. Often wounds remain on the hands. Dirt accumulates under the nails. Even gloves do not help when there are sharp objects. 


The second danger is construction dust. It quickly enters the lungs, causing shortness of breath and regular bouts of coughing. It is not even worth starting cleaning apartments after renovation without a respirator. And the presence of an industrial vacuum cleaner will not be excessive.  


The third danger is every day. It is easy to leave stains and streaks on freshly painted walls. The same applies to the accidental hit of the used solutions on brand new window sills with subsequent damage to their surfaces. It is straightforward to damage new property. And nobody wants to carry out repairs again.

Post construction cleanup rates: contacting cleaners

Engaging experienced professionals is the only correct solution. Cleaning companies provide employees with all the necessary tools and consumables and conduct special training that significantly improves labor efficiency. 

Therefore, cleaning apartments after renovation in New York performed by our cleaning specialists is considered the best option. And customer reviews have proven this fact many times. 

Today you have the opportunity to entrust all the problems associated with cleaning construction waste to companies specialized in cleaning services! One of these companies is Sunlight Cleaning. 

We carry out the description of the service before check-in. We remove dust and small dirt, polish all-metal and mirror surfaces, prepare furniture, disinfect plumbing fixtures, tidy up the kitchen and all interior surfaces of cabinets and household appliances. 


Cleaning company benefits 

  • Professionally trained staff 
  • Specialized equipment 
  • Fixed and transparent prices 
  • Cleaning of household appliances included 
  • Disinfection of surfaces with a steam cleaner 

How to contact us? 

You can always order cleaning services from our company through our website or by calling by phone. We guarantee fast and high-quality results!

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