There should be no compromises when it comes to made premium cleaning services NYC and cleanliness in general. No matter what it is, commercial premises, hotels, or offices, the issue of qualitative cleaning and safety with comfort should be equally important. However, in order to maintain the interior in impeccable cleanliness, you should apply effective cleaning technologies and employ well-trained staff. So, we decided to ask our cleaning experts about the modern cleaning tendencies and the nuances of made premium cleaning services NYC.

made premium cleaning services nyc

First of all, what are professional made premium cleaning services NYC according to the highest standards?

The cleaning standards are a laborious process for staff. Many companies spend a lot of time creating comfort for the clients. One small detail can make a stay in your establishment comfortable or vice versa. It can cause complete disappointment.

 Everything should be perfect: from the decorations to the aroma in the rooms.


What does made premium cleaning services NYC begin with?

Professional cleaning of apartment rooms begins with properly selected and trained staff. Before allowing maids to enter the office, room or hotel, we make them undergo a training course. It includes the acquisition of professional skills, ethics rules, and communication skills with guests a well. They devote a lot of time to the learning of professional chemistry, its proper application to the various surfaces with different types of pollution. Well, and that’s not all. The right equipment, such as a maid’s cart, cleaning napkins, mops and flounders, slippers etc, matters a lot. And our company also does not forget about the maid’s uniform. All these things make the cleaning process fast, qualitative, and professional.

made premium cleaning service nyc

In which areas of the premises, you prefer to use mechanical cleaning, and where you can not do without a thorough manual cleaning?

 It is necessary to take into account the class of the surface and all its pros and cons. It will help avoid difficulties during the cleaning process and choose the right equipment.

 When cleaning hard surfaces, our staff use primers and polishes that are specifically designed for a particular type of surface. During the day, our employees use acrylic static mops for dry cleaning and cotton or linen rope mops for wet cleaning. We use floor washer-dryers at night. Also, the carpet washing machine can perform the functions of not only daily care for the coating but also allows us to carry out a full cycle of care for the pile.


When and under what conditions is it better to employ maids and when to order the professionally made premium cleaning services NYC?

 If there are some one-time tasks, low level of contamination, and not complicated works in general, you can call freelance maids. But it is more profitable to order made premium cleaning services NYC if you need to complete some specific cleaning tasks or to carry out a sophisticated cleaning.

If you want to be sure of a high level of professionalism, order our made premium cleaning services NYC and experience all the benefits of our company!