Proper care of upholstered furniture is critical. It will save you time and money.

You should pay a lot of attention to their condition. If you, example, spilled a glass of red wine, it will worsen the overall aesthetic look of the upholstery. Of course, you can try to get rid of the stain on your own, but the specialist will solve the problem faster and more effectively. 

 So, you don’t have to waste your time on it. You can’t do the qualitative upholstery cleaning New York only with the help of vacuum cleaner. The stains will remain on the surface of upholstered furniture. You need to use some special chemicals for this type of cleaning. But probably you don’t know where to buy and how to use them. 

However, you don’t need to if you are our client! This service is affordable for everyone. After the completion of our work, the condition of the upholstery of sofas and beds will be changed completely. But after that, you must pay attention to its shape and try to keep it clean. So, the effect after upholstery cleaning New York will last for quite a long time. Also, don’t forget to order this cleaning service regularly. Call our team of professionals at least twice a year.

 Also, you can sign an agreement with us. We will put your address into our database of loyal customers and provide some additional benefits. But if you do not have specialized knowledge, it is better not to try to do upholstery cleaning on your own. Because without knowing some specific things about it, you can buy expensive but not effective chemicals that can even damage the furniture. Also, you need some additional care for your upholstery if there are pets in your house. Because upholstery should be cleaned not only from stains and hair left by pets but also sterilized from some dangerous diseases and allergens. But it’s challenging to do it right on your own.  

Our Sunlight cleaning company is ready to provide the whole package of upholstery services. You can entrust it to us! We are a company that can provide these services without unnecessary hassles. Only professional specialists do the upholstery cleaning New York here! We hire only experienced workers, so your home will shine after their visit. Prices are reasonable, and we guarantee high quality. So, how do we clean upholstery furniture? 

The upholstery cleaning stages are the following:

  • cleaning of the upholstery with a dry vacuum cleaner;
  • pre-treatment with special pre-spray;
  • cleaning with extraction;
  • washing the upholstery with special chemicals 
  •  drying the upholstery 

 We will help make your home look better. Specialists will come to your home after ordering this service. You can order it by phone or on the website. Do you expect a good result? So, that means that Sunlight cleaning is the solution for you! Upholstery cleaning New York will not take a long time.

 Our professionals will do it in accordance with standards. We use only modern equipment. Even old furniture will look like brand new! Do not hesitate to order upholstery cleaning New York right now!