Summer is just around the corner, and it’s time for the owners of New York apartments to clean up at least, and it’s better to renovate the interior in their dusty dwelling after the winter. We will tell you how to prepare an apartment for the hottest and most sunny time of the year.

Spring cleaning

Before you begin general cleaning in the apartment for the summer, you need to remove all the winter clothes that are not needed in the coming months: outerwear, warm rugs and bed covers. This will free up space and understand which areas should be given the most attention when restoring order.

At the same time, owners of fur coats and other fur products should take care of their condition until the next season. Before you send a fur coat in the closet, you should clean it of dirt. If there are no strong stains after the “winter” socks, you can simply wipe the fur with a solution of water and apple vinegar. For those who do not want to take risks, it is better to use the services of specialists – after all, to pass in dry cleaning.

Under flat conditions, experts advise storing coats and sheepskin coats in special cotton covers. It is necessary to abandon the favorite method of storage in plastic bags because the fur in them does not breathe. Hangers, a cover and a dark room – that’s what the fur coat needs in the summer.

It would seem to be a simple matter to get out of an apartment, but for some reason, this is where the fright arises – where to start, how to complete the process and how not to spend a lot of time on work. The experts revealed the secrets of quality cleaning.
So, all the winter things are hidden, now you should get to work and put in order the apartment itself. The next step is to wash the windows.

“Nothing is so difficult as cleaning the windows. The main thing here is to use the right tools and equipment. For example, a fur coat on a telescopic wash & rinse bar  that collects all the water from the window will greatly simplify this task.”

Sunlight Cleaning experts advise paying attention to the cabinets because during the winter they collect a dense layer of dust. “There are no tricks. Wet wipe. After drying, you can apply dry cloth.”

In addition, it is necessary to put in order all the textiles, which is planned to leave for the summer. It is necessary to abandon the vacuum cleaner and knock out all the carpet surfaces in the old fashioned way or take them to dry cleaning.

Mold in an apartment or house does not just violate the aesthetic appearance of the room, but is also contamination that can seriously harm the health of the household.
When cleaning the surfaces in the apartment should carefully choose detergents. When wet cleaning the floor from laminate or parquet, experts advise treating with special or universal emulsions, while squeezing a rag well, while avoiding moisture in the seams.

Hard to reach places and slots can be easily cleaned with a steam generator. Due to the high penetrating power of steam, it is possible to do without the use of detergents.

Changes in the interior

Cleaning is behind. It is not surprising that now the landlord may want to transform the interior. Here, designers also advise starting updates from windows. The first thing to do is to install mosquito nets on them. Then it is necessary to do the curtains.

It is enough to replace the heavy velour curtains with light curtains or Roman curtains, and the room will change. In summer, it is better to give preference to natural fabrics, such as cotton or linen, which will allow space to breathe.

Pillows, curtains, bedspread, carpet play an important role in the interior of any home – they help to create an atmosphere of comfort, “open doors” for the desired mood.
Support the design of the windows will help bright pillows and light blankets. Fresh colors and various prints on textiles allow you to enter into the room a true summer mood.

Summer is the most suitable time to add a natural note to the symphony of things in your apartment.