Green cleaning services NYC or eco cleaning have emerged relatively recently. The main goal of this new direction in cleaning is to use environmentally friendly cleaning products and minimize the damage to humans and the environment in general.  It is known that we spend most of the time indoors, either at home or in the office. So, we inhale the same air that can contain vapors of numerous chemicals after cleaning. Most of them are very harmful. A lot of modern manufacturers of cleaning products use phosphates and chlorine, which are very toxic in themselves.  Companies that provide eco-cleaning services use only certified products in their work. In this case, you can be sure that they are neither harmful to humans, nor to the environment.

Green cleaning services NYC are a little bit more expensive than cleaning with chemical products.  This is because of the relatively high cost of eco-friendly cleaning supplies. Also, takes much more time for preparing for this type of cleaning. While performing green cleaning services nyc, the workers of the cleaning company use the cleaning equipment on gas, not on batteries, since the latter emit many harmful substances in the atmosphere during their utilization.  For example, our workers of Sunlight Cleaning company collect all the garbage in biodegradable bags. And before that, they sort everything carefully to send plastic, glass, and metal for recycling, thus reducing the amount of waste being taken to the landfill. After having the green cleaning services nyc performed, houseplants feel much better because the chemicals, that inhibit their growth, do not get into the air.

Most often, during performing green cleaning services nyc, the workers use steam machines to clean the premises. This is a really convenient way to kill many bacteria and germs. 

However, you should distinguish professionals from “pseudo-environmentalists”.  For example, there are some companies that claim that their workers use only water when washing and microfiber for wiping. But it is worth noting that you can’t carry out the green cleaning services nyc of high quality and complete cleaning only with the help of water and napkins. Also, the simple napkins that are made of polyamide and polyester, are quite difficult to recycle, and they are very harmful to the environment in general

Some companies also use natural products such as vinegar or lemon juice for cleaning.  Their effectiveness is quite controversial, but the possibility that the owners of the house or office workers will have an allergic reaction to some of these products is very real. Citrus is known to be a very strong allergen. Also, don’t be afraid to ask whether cleaning companies use prebiotics in their work.  These substances kill bacteria very effectively. Generally speaking, they are considered to be very effective in cleaning premises from harmful microorganisms. However, medicine cannot yet claim that prebiotics is absolutely harmless to humans. This area of microbiology is still not totally explored.

 So, when choosing an eco-cleaning company for ordering green cleaning services nyc, you need to clarify the following nuances:

  • What substances do the workers use for cleaning and are they certified as environmentally friendly?
  • What equipment will be used for cleaning?
  • Do the workers sort garbage and use biodegradable bags?

 In addition to these factors, the experience and professionalism of the company itself are very important for green cleaning services NYC.  It is not enough to buy eco-friendly detergents, you need to train employees to use them properly and professionally. Of course, in this case, it is better to contact companies that have many years of experience in the field of providing green cleaning services NYC and for which eco-cleaning is just another segment of their field of activity. Contact Us via phone or Book our Cleaning Services Online