The process of Post Renovation Cleaning has some significant differences from general or any other type of cleaning. Post Renovation Cleaning can be an even much longer and labor-intensive process, and it is not easy to perform it qualitatively. No matter how neatly someone performed the construction work, the room would still accumulate construction debris, traces, and stains from paint and dust. The lack of cleanliness can undermine the very sense of renovation because the look of the house depends on the quality of cleaning services.

 In order to avoid the transformation of cleaning after the renovation into the long and burdensome process that obscures the good mood of the owners of the newly renovated house, this task should be approached in stages and performed due to the well-planned strategy. It will even simplify the task more if you invite specialists from the cleaning company. As the renovation is an event that happens not very often, which means that it is worth saving time and effort by paying the specialists who have at their disposal all necessary equipment for cleaning premises after renovation.

In order to complete the process of house or apartment renovation correctly and witness the visible results after the repair works, the following stages of post-renovation cleaning should be realized in the following algorithm:

  • Removal of the most massive debris;
  • Removal of small debris;
  • Cleaning of the most visible contamination, wiping of objects from dust;
  • Removal of residues and stains after the whitewash;
  • Mopping of the floor;
  • Cleaning of the furniture and other items.

It is the most efficient and natural sequence of actions for Post Renovation Cleaning.

 When eliminating large debris, it should be borne in mind that such objects cannot be dumped into standard waste bins. So, having dumped all the garbage into special packages or bags, it is necessary to resolve the issue of their transportation to the recycling center.

 What kind of equipment you need to clean the apartments after repair?

Professional cleaning after renovation works is carried out with the use of a variety of cleaning equipment. These are vacuum cleaners with different nozzles and special equipment for cleaning rooms from residues of construction materials. Household and professional vacuum cleaners for wet and dry cleaning are indispensable for tidying up premises after repair. Some vacuum cleaners are convenient to use in small apartments, while others, more powerful, can clean large rooms in a short time.

Fine debris can be removed with a standard broom, and then it is necessary to walk through all corners carefully with a vacuum cleaner. Cleaners can eliminate some stains of paint or whitewashing that are difficult to remove from with the help of special detergents. Wet cleaning is the final but the most crucial stage in this type of cleaning.  

post renoation cleaning in apartment

Many owners of recently renovated apartments try to tidy up everything on their own. However, as we all know, the process of Post Renovation Cleaning in NYC requires a lot of effort and patience, not less than the very process of renovation. Many cleaning companies offer such services, and it is safe to say that entrusting cleaning work to professionals is the simplest and most effective solution.