Cleanliness is a guarantee of health, especially regarding living quarters. Sometimes a thorough cleaning takes a lot of time and effort. Therefore, you can always do professional deep cleaning inexpensively and quickly if you contact a cleaning company. A comprehensive deep cleaning apartment will allow you to maintain perfect cleanliness without much effort.

Deep cleaning apartment includes all standard cleaning procedures and additional services to choose from. In addition, you get the treatment of tiles and plumbing with a steam cleaner, which kills harmful bacteria. There is no additional charge for that.

Benefits of deep cleaning apartment

To ensure high-quality cleaning, we do the following things: 

  • The company employs only the best workers. Experienced and specially trained staff do the cleaning both efficiently and in a short time. 
  • We use modern equipment. Specialists apply high-quality modern equipment to clean furniture and surfaces thoroughly. 
  • The service includes disinfection. Deep cleaning apartment also means that we will perform such tasks as dusting all surfaces and cleaning household appliances. Cleaning is carried out using solutions with silver ions, which allows you to achieve 100 percent cleanliness. 
  • General cleaning of apartments is not complete without a steam cleaner. With the help of special equipment, furniture and plumbing fixtures are processed – this kills bacteria and harmful microorganisms. 
  • Nothing is required from the client. We bring all materials and appliances for cleaning with us! 

Our main advantages are the following: 

  • Professionally trained staff 
  • Specialized equipment 
  • Fixed, transparent prices 
  • Cleaning of household appliances included 
  • Disinfection of surfaces with a steam cleaner 

What is included in the deep cleaning apartment

Deep cleaning of the apartment consists of:

  • All standard cleaning services
  • Special steam treatment
  • Disinfection
  • Additional work at the client’s choice

If you order a deep cleaning service, our employees will arrive at your home and perform the following steps: 

  • Disinfect surfaces and tiles with a steam cleaner 
  • Clean a bathtub or shower stall 
  • Clean and rub all taps and mixers 
  • Wipe all mirrors and glass surfaces 
  • Make bed 
  • Wipe lights and switches, clean handles 
  • Wipe all surfaces from dust, including cabinets on top 
  • At the request of the client, we can arrange a small number of items 
  • Polish wooden surfaces 
  • Disinfect tiles and surfaces with a steam cleaner 
  • Wash the stove 
  • Wipe the kitchen set, furniture fronts, and tiles, household appliances outside 
  • Wash the dishes left in the sink 
  • Clean garbage bin, take out the trash 


Before ordering a deep cleaning apartment, you need to consider that this is a lot of work in every room. Step by step, we will mark the activities that are included in the service. 



  • We will wash carpets.
  • The bed is clean. We will make your bed and change linen.  
  • Then we will remove the dust from under the bed. 
  • Also, we will wipe clean all lights, switches, doors, and doorknobs. 
  • We wipe the dust off all surfaces, including cabinets, regardless of height. 
  • All wooden surfaces are polished for a long-lasting shine and cleanliness. 


If the client wishes, the workers can sort and arrange a small amount of clothing. We carry out all of the above works for each room in the apartment! 



First of all, we wash the bathroom shower, taps, and mixers to shine. That is, plaque and dirt are removed after use, then rubbing is carried out. The workers disinfect all surfaces with a steam cleaner, wipe glass surfaces, cabinets, shelves, clean mirrors. 



General cleaning of the kitchen often takes the maximum amount of time. The list of works by our workers in the kitchen is as follows: 

  • Treatment of all surfaces with a steam cleaner, including tiles  
  • Degreasing surfaces using unique products
  • Complex cleaning of the stove 
  • Cleaning of kitchen units, furniture fronts, external wiping of household kitchen appliances 
  • Washing dishes 
  • Removing trash and washing a trash can 

How to order deep apartment cleaning services? 

For a clear understanding of the scope of work, we need some photos of your apartment. Deep cleaning in renovated apartments over ten years old will cost more. 

We get the job done. You can pay by card on our website using an online booking form

If you want to order cleaning, do the following things:

  • Please apply to the website, and our consultants will contact you within 30 minutes.  
  • To understand the cleaning budget, send us photos of the apartment, and we will promptly guide you on the total cost of the service. 
  • At a convenient time, specialists will come with everything you need and will carry out the work. 

 You can pay for the service in any convenient way. 

 Fill in the form on the website, and we will contact you within 30 minutes.  You will be able to hear the answers to your questions and choose the appropriate services.  Also, you can order cleaning services online via the booking form.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does deep cleaning an apartment mean? 

Deep cleaning is a more specific type of cleaning where the cleaners also do steam cleaning and disinfection. We purchased a special steam cleaner and nano-silver solution. We spray this solution and apply steam cleaner on all surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom. It is also suitable for treating doorknobs and other items you come into contact with every day. 

This solution is non-chemical and does not need to be rinsed off after application. The active phase of disinfection with the destruction of harmful bacteria, viruses, and fungi is more than 48 hours. The solution forms a protective film that lasts up to 7 days. For example, chlorine is active for only 4 hours and must be washed off. 

Unlike chlorine, the nano-silver solution and steam are not toxic. You can add the solution even to air humidifiers. This type of cleaning is suitable for treating personal items and clothes too.


How much does it cost to deep clean a vacant apartment? What are average prices?

The standard hourly service for cleaning is 50$ per hour and per cleaner, if the square footage is 1000-1500 square feet. 


How much is a deep apartment cleaning? Can the price of my cleaning change? 

Usually, the hourly rate is within 50$ per cleaner. But the price for deep cleaning can change if: 

  • there is a lot of rubbish after renovation work
  • large panoramic windows
  • surfaces that are difficult to clean, requiring special detergents
  • the presence of a staircase in an apartment or house 
  • additional bathroom. 

Just send us a photo, and we will calculate everything in advance and tell you the final price. 


What is the approximate cost for deep apartment cleaning services in NYC?  

To carry out high-quality cleaning of all surfaces, workers take with them only new consumables. All tools and equipment, substances used in work are already included in the cost of the service that is usually around 50$ per hour if there is only one cleaner working. 

If there are pets in the apartment, this does not affect the price.  


How much for a deep cleaning apartment less than 2.000 square feet?

Hourly service for cleaning when one worker is involved is 50$ per hour. Usually, one or two employees perform this service when ordering deep cleaning services of the apartment up to 2000 square feet. If the room is bigger, more specialists will be involved. Also, the cleaning time is different and is determined individually. On average, comprehensive cleaning and disinfection of all surfaces with additional services for less than 2.000 square foot apartments take about 5 hours. 

The final cost of cleaning will depend on the characteristics of the apartment. The price will increase if the room has panoramic windows or cleaning is required after repairs.

For detailed advice from a specialist, you need to contact us personally and send a photo of the apartment. 


What is a fair price to charge for deep cleaning a bi-level apartment? How much does a company charge for a deep cleaning apartment less than 2.000 square feet?

Prices for the service are posted on the site. Specialists are constantly in touch, and they can explain how the cost is formed depending on the area of ​​the apartment and its condition. 

The cost is formed based on the following factors: 

 ● Area of ​​the apartment; 

 ● Availability of additional work not included in the list services. 


The minimum cost of cleaning is calculated for the premises up to 2000 square feet. 

Stepladder shipping is charged separately, for example, if ceilings are higher than standard ceilings, making it challenging to clean chandeliers and cabinets. 

Please note that the deep cleaning services price includes cleaning the balcony, removing mold, washing the microwave oven, multicooker, and other works. A complete list of works is presented on the corresponding page on our website.

General cleaning of apartments is a job that our specialists can perform flawlessly. With significant experience and individual approach to each client, our Sunlight company has long been a constant assistant for many New Yorkers. We will be glad to have permanent cooperation with our clients. Therefore we regularly give favorable discounts.

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