How to clean construction dust when overhaul or cosmetic repairs in the apartment are always such a hassle? It is necessary to rearrange things and do the cleaning later. Dust and white spots on the floor and windows prevent you from seeing the final result. Contamination occurs due to work with a perforator, drill, angle grinder, construction mixer, and other equipment, as their operation constantly causes a cloud of dust. You can remove construction dust after construction on your own or call specialists from the cleaning company who know how to clean construction dust. It’s up to you to decide which variant to choose, but this blog post may help you with making your final decision.

post construction cleaning the dust preparation


Preparatory works before repair

Before starting any construction activities, you must keep things clean in the room. Then getting rid of the dust on curtains, cornices, furniture, appliances, and other items will be much easier. So, how to prevent the accumulation of large amounts of dust and how to clean construction dust later? 

  • You need to free the room from houseplants and small interior items completely.
  • Then wrap large items (furniture, electrical appliances, etc.) with film, and protect floors and windows with construction oilcloth.
  • Do not forget to close the doorway in other rooms tightly.

Suppose you want to reduce the spread of dust. In that case, it is necessary to remove the accumulated dirt every day after the completion of work.

By following these simple rules, you will minimize general post-construction cleaning.

How to start and finish cleaning

How to start and finish cleaning

It is better to tidy up the room at all stages of repair, removing dirt at each workplace. Although it takes much time, it will help save energy in the future and will not allow large amounts of garbage accumulation.

A lot of concrete dust hangs in the air and settles on the floor after working with a perforator or angle grinder. During these procedures, it is essential that the room is well ventilated and dirty air does not remain on the premises.

If the dust suspension does not settle, it is necessary to humidify the air. It will help bind the debris and easily remove it.

You can also use special nozzles for drilling — dust collectors, vacuum cleaners, or stick the package to the place of the hole. These methods are suitable for hanging a shelf, cornice, or other minor works after the repair.

You should do wet cleaning 2-3 hours after collecting dust and debris.

So, how to clean up construction dust? It will be easier to clean the apartment after repair from construction dust if you remove drops of paint, primer, putty, or cement from any clean surfaces in time. Then you do not have to wipe them later or peel them off with a knife and spatula, risking spoiling the surface. Remember that some materials cannot be removed or washed after drying. It would help if you cleaned them as soon as possible.

Stages of dust removal in post construction cleaning stages

Stages of dust removal 

Washing the apartment after the repair is a responsible task. How do you clean construction dust and make this process easier? Lool through this post-construction cleaning checklist and follow these steps:

  • Removal of the large debris

After manually gluing wallpaper and installing electric points or with a damp broom, it is necessary to collect all garbage manually. Take out construction tools and other unnecessary materials, freeing up the cleaned surface as much as possible.

  • Dust collection

An ideal option is a vacuum cleaner. It will allow you to collect dust even in the most hard-to-reach places. You should carry out these works in two stages: before unpacking and a few hours after it — with the dust collector replacement.

  • Wet cleaning

Before proceeding to this stage, it is necessary to wait a few hours for the dust to settle. Prepare a lot of rags. They will have to be changed often. For example, you will need to change not less than 6-7 rags for a floor and 2-3 rags for furniture. You also need to change the water often — it will help eliminate white plaque faster.

By following these tips, you can easily remove dirt, even if there is too much of it. It only remains to do a final cleaning, as you usually do, and wipe the dust from the furniture.

No matter how carefully you clean the apartment, you will often have to wipe the horizontal surfaces during the first few weeks after the repair. It is because dust microparticles get stuck on the wallpaper and ceiling and settle on the furniture.

How to clean construction dust on your own?



How to clean construction dust on your own?

Removing concrete-plaster dust and wood chips 100% is impossible with a wet broom. It is a very time-consuming and, as practice shows, ineffective procedure. Therefore, you will need an industrial vacuum cleaner to clean the apartment after repair on your own. It is not cheap equipment, so renting it or calling a professional cleaning company is better.

In addition, detergents are required. You can make them with your own hands or buy them.


Floor cleaning detergents

You should choose the detergent considering the material of the floor covering.

The following tips on cleaning construction dust will help clean the floor from construction dust.

  • Construction dirt from plinths and floors is perfectly washed away by vegetable oil. Add 1 tbsp of oil to a bucket of warm water and mix it well. After such treatment, you should rinse the room with water with a bit of vinegar. Then finally, wash the floor with clean water.
  • You can wash the floors in the apartment from construction dust with salt. First, treat the tile or linoleum with water, detergent, and then saline. It will remove stains, grout marks, or other contaminants. The final stage is to wash the floor with clean water.
  • If these methods do not help, use professional floor cleaning detergents.

You can wipe gypsum or limescale well with a special bleaching liquid. Following the instructions, dilute it with warm water and wash the floor thoroughly.


How to clean construction dust from hardwood floors?


How to clean construction dust from hardwood floors? 

It is necessary to approach the cleaning of wooden floor coverings carefully. So, how to clean construction dust off vinyl floors? Apply only special detergents and do not fill them with much water. A large amount of liquid can cause deformation or crack.

How to clean construction dust, wash the laminate after repair, and get rid of white plaque? Use one of the following methods:

  • Before wet cleaning, vacuum the floor thoroughly so that large debris does not scratch the surface when cleaning with a rag. Dilute the detergent for laminate water and wash the floor thoroughly with this solution. If necessary, repeat the procedure several times.
  • A solution of ammonia diluted in warm water is suitable for laminate and other wooden floors.
  • If traces of white stains remain, you can remove them with a clean cloth soaked in furniture polish.

These recommendations will help you with post-construction cleaning, and you will know how to clean construction dust from wood floors.


How to clean construction dust from walls and ceilings?

How to clean construction dust from walls and ceilings?

The walls and ceiling need to be vacuumed in several stages, with a break of a few hours to allow the dust to settle. Wash the wallpaper with a damp cloth to remove any remaining dirt.

How to clean construction dust from stretch ceilings? There are several ways. You can clean them:

  • with a vacuum cleaner with a soft bristle nozzle;
  • with dry or wet wipes;
  • using non-abrasive detergent;
  • with a steam generator.

Methods and means of cleaning a ceiling depend on the material from which it is made.

Equipment for cleaning construction dust

Equipment for cleaning construction dust

Special equipment will help to facilitate the removal of dust and construction debris. Cleaning organizations usually use it. If you are lucky enough to get one of these devices, cleaning will be faster and easier:

  • multifunctional professional vacuum cleaners (with blowing and wet cleaning);
  • high power steam generators and steam cleaners;
  • sweeping equipment;
  • floor washers, dryers.

A powerful vacuum cleaner with various attachments will help quickly remove construction dust. Professional equipment allows you to remove the effects of repair and construction work from horizontal and vertical surfaces rapidly and efficiently.


How to clean construction dust professionally? Cost of cleaning services

How to clean construction dust professionally? Cost of cleaning services

Contact a cleaning company if you can not or do not want to wash the apartment after the repair. You will not need to think about how to clean construction dust if you call the cleaning professionals. 

Prices for post-construction cleaning depend on the following factors and conditions:

  • volume and complexity of work performed;
  • squaring of premises;
  • number of rooms;
  • time spent at work;
  • the cost of chemicals used;
  • the equipment used for cleaning.

Competition in the market for cleaning services allows you to choose a company with extensive experience, good reviews, and reasonable prices. We meet all these requirements so that you can entrust post-construction cleaning to us.

High-quality cleaning of the premises from construction dust guarantees the apartment’s cleanliness and your health. Following the simple recommendations, you will know how to clean construction dust and will be able to perform general cleaning with your hands. If you do not have the time or desire to do so, we advise you to use the services of cleaning companies like ours. Book post-construction cleaning services via the Sunlight Cleaning NY booking page if you need help with cleaning construction dust in NYC.

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