Why can these Spring cleaning tips be helpful for you? This spring keeps being as controversial as the previous one. Spring 2021 is when everyone has time for themselves, family, and maybe even for cleaning.


This situation happens to us for the first time when the whole world is closed and is forced to comply with social isolation to prevent further spreading of coronavirus.

Now, when any contacts with the outside world are undesirable, we have the opportunity to pay attention to our home.

We can notice the “pain points” that we used to ignore from year to year. And despite all the disadvantages of the current situation, we have a chance to make spring clean up 2021 perhaps the most high-quality cleaning in your life.

Why are spring and general cleaning so compatible?

First of all, the light that comes into the house shows web, dust, dirty stains on the windows.

Secondly, our inner state plays a significant role here. In spring, we want to start life from scratch, open the windows and let in both fresh air and fresh ideas.

We want to change the environment and surround ourselves with the maximum amount of beauty.

Therefore, we strive to get rid of everything that hides this beauty and take over the cleaning.


Chapter 1 - Six stages of preparation for spring cleaning

In this chapter, you will find 6 practical Spring cleaning tips for preparing for cleaning, which will save your time, energy, and efforts aimed at cleaning the house.

Any potentially successful project begins with preparation. Spring cleaning is not an exception and will give you less trouble if you get the time to consider it better.

Remember these 6 Spring cleaning tips that may come in handy in the future:

Prepare a to-do list for spring cleaning

1) Prepare a to-do list for spring cleaning

Spring cleaning is a large-scale event that should cover every corner of the dwelling. To not miss the minor things, create the main to-do list first and then reorganize it. 

There is no point in giving you a ready list here. We all have different housing conditions, the number of rooms, and our preferences. But you can use some templates for cleaning planning that you can find in other blog posts.

to do not all in one day

2) Don’t try to do everything in one day.

When we see such headlines as “How to do general cleaning in an apartment/house in one day,” we can’t trust these articles.

Is someone seriously going to clean the house in one day from the dirt accumulated during the whole year, or even more?

Let’s consider it realistically and not prepare ourselves for the failure in advance”

  • Try to distribute work for several days or weeks. 
  • Also, do not forget that you always have the right to optimize your list along the way. One task can take more time than you expected, the other less.


plan general cleaning in the calendar

3) Plan the general cleaning in the calendar

Do not leave such an important annual event as spring cleaning “for better times.” Mark specific dates in your calendar. For example, dedicate every Saturday morning to one room.

Discuss general cleaning strategies with your family

4) Discuss general cleaning strategies with your family:

  • We all imply different things under the concept of “cleaning.” Therefore, before proceeding with it, it’s better to discuss and coordinate our actions with our family members. 
  • Remember that during the spring cleaning, we do not organize anything new. We exclusively perform cleaning activities like cleaning dust, stains, washing floors, etc. 
  • Switching between cleaning and the organization of space contributes to procrastination. Leave the wardrobe rearrangement for other days. It is much easier to concentrate on making the inner and outer surfaces shine than also putting in order the contents of the furniture.
Do an inventory of detergents

5) Do an inventory of detergents

It will be a pity if you plan everything, and then it turns out that you are running out of some detergent or soda that removes dirt from the surfaces well.

Therefore, check-in advance whether all the necessary tools for cleaning are available or not.

If you lack something, you can make a list and order all the required things without leaving home.

cleaning from top to the bottom

6) Maximize the attached efforts

During the cleaning itself, try to move from top to bottom while working from the corners to the entrance, gradually moving clockwise or anticlockwise. So you definitely won’t miss some corners and return to it again. It can save a decent amount of time.

Chapter 2 - Nine simple steps for efficient spring cleaning

How to conduct cleaning so that you can feel the renewal of the apartment, but not the fatigue after the cleaning process?

Sunlight Cleaning NY specialists advise in their spring cleaning tips to divide the process into separate isolated steps to perform with breaks in a few hours and even days.

We present a good plan for cleaning in a standard two-room apartment that consists of Nine simple steps:

Nine Steps for Spring Cleaning

Step 1. Wash and remove winter things

It is not only about warm clothes and shoes, but also about other everyday items. 

  • It would help if you cleaned duvets and woolen blankets and stored them for the next cold season. 
  • In order not to clutter all cabinets in the house with volumetric things, use vacuum bags. They help save much space. 
  • Try not to get anything other than the necessary spring or summer things until you do other cleaning steps. So anything will not interfere with the order.
Clean balcony

Step 2. Clean balcony and other places out of stuff

Look what accumulated on a balcony, in a storage room, and other secluded corners of the apartment over the past year.

And what if these things did you use at least once since last season?

Be honest with yourself and throw away, sell via the Internet, or distribute everything you won’t use among friends.

The less unnecessary stuff you have in the apartment, the cleaner and better it looks.

Conduct a general spring cleaning in rooms and kitchen

Steps 3, 4, 5. Conduct a general spring cleaning in rooms and kitchen

Try to remember when you last washed batteries, pulled all things out of the cabinets, and soap them from the inside.

Or when did you clean the plinth behind the sofa and chest, dust the ceiling, and soap chandeliers and lamps?

It would help if you did it before proceeding to the next steps.

  • Divide the apartment into areas and align the in-depth cleaning with the usual supporting cleaning. 
  • Do not forget to move from top to bottom, move the furniture, and clean behind it. 
  • Pay attention to all secluded corners: door handles, batteries, legs of tables and chairs, the inner surfaces of cabinets and household appliances, harnesses, sockets, and switches. 
  • It is not necessary to clean all rooms immediately, distribute them by days.
Put carpets and furniture in order

Step 6. Put carpets and furniture in order

  • Thoroughly vacuum the soft furniture. Remove the nozzle from the vacuum cleaner and try to attach the tube to all dents and corners. 
  • Moisten a sponge in a soft soap solution, and with circular patting, movements remove dirt from upholstered furniture. 
  • Wipe and polish the cabinet furniture. 
  • Lubricate the “cracking” hinges of the doors. If necessary, replace damaged furniture. 
  • Vacuum carpets and additionally clean them with special tools.
wash the windows

Step 7. Wash the windows

  • Do not forget to remove all the curtains and free the windowsill and surface nearby. 
  • Wet sponge, moistened in warm water, wipe the frames and glass on both sides. Wait until everything is dry. 
  • Apply means for washing windows on the glasses. Thoroughly wipe the substance with a soft dry cloth so that there are no stains left. Then tap the frame and the windowsill one more time.
Wash the bathroom, toilet, and floors

Step 8. Wash the bathroom, toilet, and floors

Besides locker, tile, and mirror, clean shelves and heated towel rail, rinse cups for toothbrushes, and other storage items in the bathroom and toilet. Then wash the floors in the entire apartment.

summer accessories for home

Step 9. Take summer things out

The apartment is already clean, and the sun shines through freshly cleaned windows. It’s time to bring a summer atmosphere into it. Hang chiffon scarves and sunglasses, put summer sandals on a shoe shelf, hang light curtains, and bright summer home accessories.

Bonus Chapter

Why you should call cleaning company for spring cleaning?

Spring is always a reason and time to update life, including home. Get the summer curtains, remove warm blankets and other winter things, let the sun through clean windows, and take the chairs for reading on the balcony. 

There are so many things that are a part of spring cleaning.

But as you can see, these spring cleaning tips are pretty simple! However, it’s a complex process.

Of course, a Sunlight Cleaning company is unlikely to help you disassemble the accumulated things that are necessary and unnecessary, change the wardrobe and home accessories, or repair the furniture.

But our experts will gladly take over everything else and perform spring cleaning services for you.

We will clean household appliances and cabinets from the inside, clean up all rooms, and carefully wash the windows. You will only have to pull summer things out of wardrobes and enjoy the spring freshness of your home!)

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